Will Spider-Man Appear In the Hawkeye Show? Marvel Boss Addresses NYC Connections

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Fans are getting revved up for the final two MCU projects of the year. The first will be the Disney+ series Hawkeyewhich follows Clint Barton and his new partner Kate Bishop as they navigate a big ol' mess that the duo needs to clean up before Christmas Day hits.

The second? Well, that would be none other than Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film is quickly becoming one of the most highly anticipated releases Marvel Studios has ever had. It's hard not to be when the movie features the return of several villains from previous installments in the web-slinger's history––and rumor has it that other familiar Spider-Men could appear as well.

When it comes to Clint's next adventure, there is a big standing question: with it being set in New York City, what's the likelihood that fans are going to see Spider-Man; or at least have him swing by once?

While the first thought that crosses one's mind is probably how slim the chances are, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has a response of his own.

Will Fans See Spider-Man in Hawkeye?

Hawkeye, Spider-Man

During the Hawkeye press conference, the question was asked about whether fans will be seeing Spider-Man or any other New York-bound heroes during any of the six episodes of the upcoming Disney+ series.

According to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, while it's possible that "Spidey could swing by at any moment" in this NYC story, "everything in [Hawkeye is focused towards [Clint and Kate]:"

"Marvel is the world outside your window. And in the Marvel comics, yeah, Spidey could swing by at any moment, the Fantastic Four could come flying down. But even in the comics, it's, 'What is the story you're telling?' And that's really what always has to be the primary focus. Which, in this case, is very much Clint and Kate; getting to know more about Clint, and getting to meet and know Kate, and everything in this series is focused towards that."

No Spidey This Time––Just the Hawkeye Duo

Fiege's answer is no surprise; in fact, it has been his usual stance on crossovers when it comes to the many projects that have come before. As fun as it would be to see Spider-Man become involved, viewers are going to be busy enough following Clint and Kate.

Everyone also has to start getting acquainted with Alaqua Cox's Echo, whose character is getting her own Disney+ series spinning out of Hawkeye's ending. Though, that show might involve a familiar cast of New York City-bound characters alongside Maya Lopez's story.

It's only a matter of time until the two Hawkeyes meet Spider-Man. It's odd to realize that Clint Barton has never properly met Spidey, so seeing that finally happen would be awesome. Then there's Kate, who one can only imagine would be a great deal of fun alongside Tom Holland's web-slinger.

Hawkeye releases on Disney+ with its first two episodes on November 24.

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