Logan Director Confident MCU's Wolverine Will Don Comic-Accurate Suit

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Director James Mangold is confident that the MCU will have Wolverine in his trademark yellow suit.

One complaint by many fans of Fox's X-Men franchise was that they never got to see Hugh Jackman wear the classic yellow Wolverine suit from the comics. The closest they ever got was a prop reference in a deleted scene. An actual costume for the character was never actually made, in fact, the prospect of him even wearing such a costume was mocked in the first X-Men movie.

But, recently, it seems that many past actors , writers , and now directors are being asked about their involvement in the X-Men franchise and beyond. Whether they'd want to continue being involved with the franchise or how Marvel Studios may adapt the characters differently. When Logan director, James Mangold, was asked about the lack of a costume, he gave an explanation that gave hope to fans for the future.


During another Quarantine Watch Party for Logan held by Brandon Davis on Twitter, Davis asked James Mangold if Hugh Jackman ever wore the classic yellow mask. In response, Mangold gave a familiar answer in that he felt that it wouldn't make sense for this version of Wolverine to ever put on a costume, but does say that he feels that the MCU adaptation of the character will.


Mangold's assertion that the Hugh Jackman's incarnation of the character would never wear a costume is accurate with how the X-Men movies portrayed the character. Since Jackman first starred as Wolverine in the original X-Men , the character was constantly mocking of the team's use of uniforms and code names. In fact, for the vast majority of his appearances thereafter, he mostly just wore more simplified black leather suits or a simple pair of jeans and a tank top.

However, in the MCU, bright and flashy costumes are part of the modern normal for superheroes, along with establishing more science-fiction and epic elements never done in the Fox movies. This is also an opportunity for one of the biggest means for Marvel Studios to differentiate itself from the previous incarnation of the character, having him do something that the previous one never did in live-action: Wear a classic costume.

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