Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson Reveals Best Look at His Superhero Costume (Photo)

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DC and Dwayne Johnson have been teasing Black Adam’s costume for over a year with concept art for the costume first shown at DC FanDome. Looking strikingly similar to his comic counterpart, Shazam, fans eagerly awaited the day they would see it in live-action.

Unfortunately, DC and Johnson have only teased the costume not once but twice, with fans barely getting a glimpse of it. There has even been a good look at the costumes for the Shazam family before Black Adam's.

However, in the last week of shooting for Black Adam, Johnson has finally provided a better look at his presumably skin-tight costume.


In his final week of shooting Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson uploaded the first official look at the anti-hero's costume, albeit only the back of his shoulders.

Dwayne Johnson captioned the post by writing that "This image of Black Adam from behind gives you a tactile sense of the absolute massive scale and size of our movie:"

On set.

This image of Black Adam from behind gives you a tactile sense of the absolute massive scale and size of our movie.

You also see a little of the intricate and beautiful textured detail of Black Adam’s body suit. (this is not your typical DC or Marvel padded muscle suit)

And finally you get a glimpse of the enormous and appropriate destruction.

As we all know, superheroes have a code of justice and don’t kill the bad guys.

But, Black Adam does.

The hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is changing.

Man in black.
Protector of his people.
Black Adam.

The photo, taken by Hiram Garcia, shows Johnson from the back, in costume, as he overlooks the set of a destroyed temple with crew members working on the final touches.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Costume



In the initial concept art, it was already apparent that Black Adam wouldn’t have his pointy ears as he sometimes does in the comics. So, unless they are added in post-production, it seems like the character will go without them in his debut film.

It isn’t a huge deal since, even in the comics, the pronounced pointiness of his ears has always been inconsistent and even confused some fans why he even had them.

As for the costume itself, it certainly has a far different texture and equality compared to the Shazam family. As Johnson said, his costume for Black Adam doesn’t simulate muscles like Zachary Levi’s costume.

Black Adam will release in theaters on July 29, 2022.

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