Marvel Studios Reportedly Casts Farhan Akhtar For Mystery MCU Role

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Farhan Akhtar, Ms. Marvel

Filming for Ms. Marvel has wrapped in Atlanta, Georgia , with directing duo Billal Fallah and Adil El Arbi thanking Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige for the opportunity. It doesn't mean that filming has finished entirely for the show or for titular star Iman Vellani , though.

Ms. Marvel is currently filming in Thailand, Bangkok for final scenes, likely just before cameras officially begin rolling for Captain Marvel 2 in the coming months.

However, casting for the show has finished doesn't appear to have finished, as another surprise actor has joined the cast.


India Today reported that Farhan Akhtar has been cast in an unknown Marvel Studios project and is currently in Bangkok filming it.

While Akhtar would not disclose which project this was, it is likely Ms. Marvel as it is the only Marvel Studios production currently filming in Bangkok.

It is unknown what role Akhtar will be playing in the series, but considering his stardom in India, it shouldn't be insignificant.


It's unfortunate how many roles in this show, especially in a setting meant to be taking place in Badin, Pakistan, are going to non-Pakistan actors like Farhan Akhtar, who is Indian.

It's uncertain at this point how Marvel Studios is going to handle this part of the show when in the comics, this was meant for Kamala Khan to be on her own, reconnecting with herself and her roots.

As for who Akhtar could be playing, most of the supporting cast has already been filled, but it might be related to Aramis Knight's Kareem , a.k.a. Red Dagger. Akhtar could be one of his relatives or many bandits Red Dagger typically stops as a local hero.

Hopefully, the producers and writers handle Kamala's journey in Pakistan with respect despite the casting issues for the series thus far.

Ms. Marvel is currently filming and is expected to release in late 2021 .

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