Shang-Chi Star Teases 'Awesome' Footage That Marvel Studios Could Have Shared at Comic-Con

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Simu Liu on the left, Shang-Chi on the right

The COVID-19 pandemic put the entire entertainment industry in an awkward position of being on hold. It even halted production for multiple Marvel Studios movies and shows. However, there have been reports of productions beginning again in the coming months, like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier planning to film for nine days in Czech.

On the other hand, public places like movie theaters will remain shut down until the end of July and likely beyond. This includes the banning of public gatherings and events that hold more than 250 people, which is what led to Comic-Con being canceled. But, it also led to Comic-Con at Home, an free for all event scheduled for July 22-25.

However, many fans have been left wondering if Marvel Studios would have any presence at this online convention, especially since they already made massive announcements at last year's Comic-Con. It became an even bigger question when their distinguished competition at Warner Brothers decided to roll out their own event, called DC FanDome.

As Comic-Con at Home is getting closer and closer, fans have found evidence that before Comic-Con was canceled, Marvel Studios would have likely had a panel and showed footage from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.


It was recently discovered on Twitter that Simu Liu had made comments during a past Instagram Live Q&A with fans that, before Comic-Con was canceled, footage from Shang-Chi might have been shown at the event.

Liu said, "I hope that we get to go to Comic-Con because I think we would have some pretty awesome footage to share".

What is interesting is that fans finally have confirmation that Disney will at least be making an appearance at Comic-Con at Home with three Disney+ panels, but still no news about whether or not Marvel Studios will have their own panels. Disney has had panels at Comic-Con in the past without Marvel Studios having one, so them being present isn't definitive of anything yet.


It seemed like when Simu Liu had begun describing the footage, he felt like he was giving away spoilers, which is itself interesting since fans saw of what was being shoot was a scene involving fully-armored soldiers along with their supposed leader riding a helicopter. So, this could be footage not shot in the open that reveals more about the plot.

From what he had said on his Instagram Live Q&A, Marvel Studios was planning to have a panel and show footage from their current productions (or at least from Shang-Chi) at Comic-Con before it was canceled, which does give credence to show this footage; whether it be at Comic-Con at Home or their own personalized even like Warner Brothers is doing with DC.

Again, while it's promising to see that Disney isn't opting out of Comic-Con at Home, fans shouldn't put their hopes in yet for Marvel Studios having a panel too. But, the fact that they are at all still leaves the possibility of them making an appearance and showing off this Shang-Chi footage to everyone, and maybe even more.

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September 03, 2021
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