Marvel Fan Spots Mistake During Avengers: Endgame Funeral Scene

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Avengers: Endgame Funeral Tony Stark Mistake

It's been a fun little game for fans to find little goofs in productions by Disney, such as the brief fan-favorite cameo of "Jeans Guy" seen during an episode of The Mandalorian, which was quickly corrected. However, it seems that Marvel fans from Iron Man to Avengers: Endgame are either far more attentive or Marvel Studios has had a habit of making more mistakes.

Some examples include incomplete makeup on Paul Bettany's Vision in WandaVision in a three-second shot, Don Cheadle's War Machine wearing the wrong armor for a split second in Endgame, and a continuity error involving Stark Tower in Hawkeye. So, it isn't a surprise that Marvel fans have been finding more of these slip-ups, even from films released years ago.

On that note, a recent mistake was noticed due entirely to Disney+ releasing the IMAX versions of Marvel Studios' films, including Marvel's biggest Avengers movie to date.

Fan Spotting Another Mistake

A fan on the unofficial Marvel Studios subreddit SirDocMrMaster noticed a mistake in the IMAX version of Avengers: Endgame available on Disney+.

The Reddit user was confused at first about why they hadn't "noticed it during my other hundred rematches," until it was pointed out that it was only visible in the IMAX version.

Happy Hogan Funeral Avengers: Endgame Mistake
Marvel Studios

The mistake is found in the scene where Jon Favreau's Happy Hogan comforts Lexi Rabe's Morgan Stark after Tony Stark's funeral.

Happy Hogan Circled Mistake Funeral Mic
Marvel Studios

The slight windscreen bob of a boom mic can be noticed on top of the screen, particularly its fuzzy covering as it leaks into the shot.

Mic Avengers: Endgame Mistake
Marvel Studios

Obviously, in widescreen, this would never have been seen by audiences, but it was overlooked when the IMAX version of the film was made available on the streaming service.

The minor goof can be watched in the clip below:


Hopefully More Attentive With IMAX Versions in Future

In the moment, in theaters, mistakes like these are rarely, if ever, noticed by anyone. However, because these IMAX versions are available for everyone to see on a much smaller screen, with the ability to pause and rewind, it's evident that fans are going to find mistakes like this.

Considering that this movie released in 2019, despite being one of the biggest in history, it's doubtful that Disney or Marvel Studios ever thought about correcting the error. But, again, it's a minor mistake that lasts for a couple of seconds and isn't the focus of the shot, so it makes sense why neither would bother investing any effort in correcting it.

Unlike the "Jeans Guy" mistake in The Mandalorian, which was noticed on the day the episode was released, it's tough to predict how many people noticed this mistake in theaters or through home viewing. However, it's nothing to lose any sleep over, since these are just small mistakes and can still be entertaining to find.

Hopefully, in future IMAX releases on Disney+ for recent and upcoming films, Marvel Studios is a bit more attentive towards what is lingering just off the widescreen version.

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