The Mandalorian: Star Wars Removes Jeans Guy Mistake From Disney+ Episode

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The Mandalorian started to pick up the pace with last week's Chapter 12, entitled "The Siege.” The episode was directed by one of the show’s most prominent cast members, Greef Karga actor and cinema regular Carl Weathers, and brought the in-person Season 2 debut of Moff Gideon, seemingly on a hunt for Baby Yoda .

The episode made a rare major connection to the sequel trilogy by bringing a Snoke-like figure to the Disney+ series. And that wasn’t even the most memorable moment of last week. That honor goes to a man who wasn’t meant to ever be seen in this series, but has become the topic of tons of conversations over the past week: Jeans Guy.

This unidentified crew member found his way into the final cut of last week's episode , making for one of the funniest errors in any major cinema production ever. However, for all the noise that Jeans Guy has made the past few days, news has just come that may signal the end of an era, albeit a short one…


Disney and Lucasfilm have removed the crew member known as “Jeans Guy” from the official cut of The Mandalorian Chapter 12, which originally came at the 18:54 mark of the episode. This crew member no longer appears in the background of the laser shootout featuring Gina Carano’s Cara Dune, Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin, and Carl Weathers’ Greef Karga.

The Mandalorian Jeans Guy Removed
The Mandalorian


Even though Lucasfllm has now fixed this notable error, it will remain in many fans’ memories as a notable oversight in the Lucasfilm editing room. Such an error will also keep the fandom on high alert for any other mistakes that make their way into the series, and it should hopefully keep the show's production team on a keen lookout to not let similar slip-ups happen again.

The Mandalorian is far from the only major production to make errors like this, as human nature has brought along other hilarious mistakes in this same light over the years. Examples like Cowboy Hat Guy from Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and a stunt driver appearing in the original Fast and Furious in place of Vin Diesel are some of the highlights of these errors, and Jeans Guy will be far from the last.

Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian is available to stream on Disney+ as of midnight PST on November 27.

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