Moon Knight Mistake Shows Cameraman Accidentally In Scene (Photo)

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
Moon Knight logo, Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, Khonshu

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has an expansive library of content that is anchored by its interconnected storytelling. However, the franchise is no stranger to continuity mistakes and behind-the-scenes blunders over the years. Some good examples are visual continuity errors, such as the inconsistent presentation of Tom Holland's hair in Avengers: Infinity War and the human skin-colored arm of Paul Bettany's Vision on a WandaVision promo. 

Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes errors from the MCU include a boom mic that was spotted in the funeral scene from Avengers: EndgameAside from Marvel, Star Wars also has its fair share of blunders, and a good example is the memorable jeans guy that appeared in one episode of The Mandalorian Season 2

Now, another behind-the-scenes mistake has been spotted in the latest episode of Moon Knight

Moon Knight's Cameraman Spotted in New Episode

Moon Knight's third episode featured an unexpected cameo from the show's cameraman in one of the pivotal scenes of the installment. 

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

At the 8:27 mark of "The Friendly Type," the cameraman can be spotted in the background while Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector is chasing Arthur Harrow's thugs in the streets of Egypt. 

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Here's a closer look at the show's cameraman: 

Marvel Studios cameraman
Marvel Studios


Will Disney+ Remove This Mistake?

While this is a minor mistake on Marvel Studios' end, it's safe to assume that Disney+ will look to edit out the cameraman in the scene as soon as possible. The same resolution was made with the iconic jeans guy from The Mandalorian Season 2 when Disney altered the scene to remove the crew member. 

It is unknown if this cameraman will receive the same popular treatment as the jeans guy from The Mandalorian Season 2. The Star Wars crew member instantly became a fan favorite online, with him even receiving his own character poster. Given that this is simply a minor error, it's safe to say that Moon Knight's cameraman will not be as popular as his predecessor. 

Despite this blink-and-you'll-miss-it mishap, this can be forgiven by fans since Moon Knight delivered another incredible installment that pushed the narrative to a more thrilling final three episodes. 

The first three episodes of Moon Knight are now streaming on Disney+.

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