Moon Knight Messes Up Again With Accidental Crew Member Visible In Episode 4

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Four episodes of Moon Knight have now fully been released, and needless to say, the latest episode completely blew away fans across the world. Questioning the reality around what Oscar Isaac's leading men experience has long been part of the experience when following his story. His multiple personalities lead to complete disorientation and confusion at times—even for Spector himself. 

As exciting as all of Episode 4’s twists and turns were, there was something else audiences may have missed. Within the first half of the episode, another reality-breaking twist was hidden in plain sight: a crew member once again breaking the illusion.

Accidental Crew Member Gets Spotted in Moon Knight

During Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight’s fourth episode, Twitter user Shashank Mishra pointed out that a crew member can be spotted just off to the right of the frame.

The scene in question is when Steven Grant is looking for an alternate exit within the tomb at a higher level:

Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

As he looks over the banister to talk to Layla, the mistake in question can be seen:

Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

At the right edge of the frame, a crew member's leg can be seen:

Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

These screenshots have been brightened from their original lighting on the streaming service:

Crew Member
Marvel Studios


Moon Knight Messes Up Once Again

This isn’t the first time Moon Knight has been caught accidentally breaking the fourth wall. The series’ third episode saw a cameraman make it into the MCU during one of the chase sequences toward the beginning of the episode.

While it’s not the end of the world, it is admittedly a little sloppy for this to have occurred twice now across back-to-back episodes. With how many moving pieces there are when bringing something like this to life, mess-ups are bound to happen.

But who could those legs belong to? The two strongest possibilities are a camera guy trying to get additional camera coverage or a boom op capturing audio for the scene.

Past mistakes like those in other projects tend to have been fixed fairly shortly after being called out by the fans, but as of this writing, Episode 3 still has not had its gaffe fixed. Maybe Disney will keep them in and simply label them as part of the reality-questioning qualities of Oscar Isaac’s series.

Moon Knight is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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