Marvel Fan Spots Mistake In Avengers: Endgame With War Machine Suit

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Thanos Rhodey War Machine

There have been countless mistakes, big and small, noticed by fans from Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm over the years; some of these have come recently in WandaVision and The Mandalorian. However, oftentimes, these mistakes are rather minor, such as that one from WandaVision which was only from several frames of an opening mimicking a 70s sitcom.

It is interesting to think about how some of these mistakes may have happened, whether it be due to time constraints, budget, or supervisors just never noticing until it's too late to change it for delivery. Even a huge movie like Avengers: Endgame is bound to have plenty of small mistakes scattered throughout, which fans are still discovering.


Reddit user Choice-Tutor noticed a minor mistake in Avengers: Endgame involving the specific armor used for War Machine in one scene.

Nebula War Hammer Endgame Mark 6
Marvel Studios

The scene in question is when the Nebula from 2014 begins short-circuiting and showing Rhodey in a hologram.

Nebula War Hammer Correct Mark 6 Endgame
Marvel Studios

In Avengers: Endgame, Rhodey is wearing a new suit, the Mark VI, which he is correctly wearing in this shot. As an added note, he's only mirrored from the viewers' perspective, but not from Nebula and Gamora's perspective.

War Hammer Nebula Endgame Error
Marvel Studios

The mistake comes with this split-second close-up shot where War Machine is wearing his armor from Avengers: Infinity War, the Mark IV.

Nebula War Hammer Endgame Error
Marvel Studios

It's noticeable due to the armor's bulkier design and certain patterns seen on the suit, particularly the shape of the armor's center light.


There have been more obvious mistakes seen in Avengers: Endgame, such as two Cull Obsidians or a clipping issue when Thanos was using the Nano Gauntlet, the latter of which wasn't even noticed by one of the film's VFX supervisors, Matt Aiken, until after it was pointed out to him in theaters.

However, this newly discovered mistake seems far less significant, only noticed over a year after the film has been released. It could be that for that closeup shoot, Rhodey's armor was potentially still the same as it was in Avengers: Infinity War, but for whatever reason, this shot was missed and his armor wasn't replaced with the newest design and model.

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