Marvel's Black Widow: Is Jeremy Renner Hinting at Role In Scarlett Johansson Film?

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The Direct originally reported that Florence Pugh, soon to debut as Yelena Belova in Black Widow , would join the cast of Hawkeye . Even before that news, Scarlett Johansson revealed that Black Widow would explore the often mention Budapest mission with Hawkeye. In response, Jeremy Renner jokingly said , “Hmmmmm. Loose lips sink ships Nat,” which made fans further believe his involvement.

The location has become something of an inside joke between the two characters and mentioned both in the original Avengers and Avengers: Endgame . In fact, if Alexander Pierce is to be believed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier , whatever the two did in Budapest wouldn't be looked upon kindly by the public. In a recent social media post, Renner seems to tease fans further.


Jeremy Renner has posted an image on his Instagram stories showing himself wearing a Black Widow hat that was given out at Marvel Studios' 2019 Comic-Con.

The photo looks like Renner is recording something as he's reading something off his phone.

Renner has a comment on the picture that reads:

“Recording a very special Story today. More to come...”

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Jeremy Renner's Instagram


Would Jeremy Renner still be wearing a Black Widow hat that was given to him 18 months ago if he wasn't actually in the movie?

It seems a little obvious at this point that Jeremy Renner will have some presence in Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow . Jeremy Renner's Instagram story could show him recording ADR lines for Black Widow , if the hat is any indication, along with what looks like him reading lines off his phone. It's unknown if this photo Renner posted is new or old since doing a recording session like this can be done long after production has wrapped.

More interesting is that Renner is teasing fans that more will be posted, possibly related to whether he's involved in Marvel Studios' second female-led movie. It would be odd for there to be any form of straight-up confirmation from the MCU star, but maybe more teasing. It could even have something to do with Florence Pugh being cast in Hawkeye , who will be acting as the new Black Widow moving forward .

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