Robert Pattinson Sends Endearing Batman Gift To Young Superfan

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Batman costume, Robert Pattinson

Over the past several weeks, The Batman has been filming extensively in Liverpool, which has revealed much about Matt Reeves' corner of the universe. Several set videos show the possibility of both Superman and Wonder Woman existing in this universe as actually heroes or even possibly fictional. More behind-the-scene videos even pointed to other villains like Scarecrow being a scary presence in the city of Gotham.

Many fans, young and old, have gone out of their way to see The Batman's production in person, or even to have a chance at seeing the star himself, Robert Pattinson, in action. One young fan didn't get the chance to meet Pattinson in person, but he got the next best thing.


In Wirral, there is a 10-year-old boy named James, who has autism. He is an enormous fan of Batman, so much so that he watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice every night for two years straight.

So, it was no surprise that ever since The Batman began filming in Liverpool, he was there hoping to meet the Caped Crusader himself, Robert Pattinson, and give him a drawing he drew of the Dark Knight.

Unable to meet the actor, James' mother reached out to Radio City News, who helped get the word out, explained in the video below.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, especially in Liverpool, it wouldn't be safe to meet in person, so Robert Pattinson and his team sent James a toy Batmobile and framed drawing of Batman. Accompanying these gifts was a personal letter from Robert Pattinson complimenting James' drawing.


Obviously, as Robert Pattinson's team stated in the video, it wouldn't be plausible for James to give Pattinson his drawing. Due to the coronavirus, it was great that James could get acknowledgment from Pattinson about his drawing, not to mention the gifts that came with it. One unfortunate downside of the ongoing pandemic is fans not seeing these stars interact with kids, which likely won't happen anymore until at least 2022.

The video itself actually shows many cool, new images from the set of The Batman in Liverpool, which James seemed to visit every day he could for a chance to see Robert Pattinson. In particular, one funny one is James standing in front of a filthy "Tacos & Chilli" truck seen on set. This further cements Gotham visually as almost cartoonishly dirty and crime-ridden, as opposed to Christopher Nolan's more subsided portrayal of the fictional city.

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