Robert Pattinson's The Batman: Wonder Woman Suit Seen In Set Photo

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
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Over the past few days, there has been a surprising amount of Easter eggs and references to other Batman villains and the wider-universe within Matt Reeve’s The Batma n. The most significant revelation was that Superman exists in this Elseworld universe , shown by a civilian wearing a costume inspired by the Man of Steel.

There were hundreds of other extras seen wearing various costumes for what looked to be a Halloween party. Among the party attendees was a woman wearing a certain superhero-inspired costume...


An onlooker captured a clearer photo of the man wearing the Superman costume and a woman wearing a Wonder Woman outfit .


In addition to Superman, this woman wearing a Wonder Woman costume implies that not only does the Man of Tomorrow exist within Matt Reeve’s The Batman universe, but so does Princess Diana.

The costume itself seems to be inspired by Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman due to the large, yellow tiara and the blue shorts adorned with white stars. While this extra’s shorts don’t have stars on them, on closer inspection, they do have many tiny white dots, likely in an in-universe attempt to replicate them.

Now, the big question is if these are indicators that these two characters exist within Reeve’s new universe or if they’re just Easter eggs not meant to indicate anymore to the audience than merely being comic book references. It does bring up the prospect of more party members wearing costumes inspired by the rest of the Justice League, though.

Maybe fans will get to see someone wearing a Flash costume inspired by John Wesley Shipp’s suit from the 1990s show.

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