Robert Pattinson's The Batman: Superman Costume Spotted In New Set Photo

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Superman logo, Robert Pattinson as Batman in The Batman

The Batman has seen a flurry of new information about potential plot threads and character inclusions as a result of incoming set photos and videos from the film's production.

A few videos depict the aftermath of a scene seen in the trailer, showing civilians fleeing from a funeral. Another set photo teased what appears to be part of a villainous plotline in the film, hinting at Gotham's criminals using addictive substances.

A variety of photos and videos also saw a potential teamup between Batman and Catwoman, with the two riding their motorcycles together. Set photos also suggest that The Batman will take place during a mayoral election, with a prop billboard depicting one of Gotham's mayoral candidates Bella Reál.

A new photo has been shared from The Batman's filming, which may suggest that its universe is a bit bigger than was previously thought...


Twitter user @yassinfinite shared a set photo from the production of The Batman, which revealed an extra wearing a Superman Halloween costume. The suit is very much inspired by Christopher Reeve's iconic costume, shown by the yellow Superman logo on the back of the cape and long red boots.

The original photographer of the image was Twitter user @SamMcTweets, who provided a bit more context about the scene itself.

The scene featured a bus full of civilians that were dressed up in Halloween costumes, with the most prominent figure being one being dressed as the Man of Steel himself.



While The Batman has been said to be disconnected from the rest of the DCEU in an alternate universe, this could suggest that it possesses its own set of DC characters. It is possible that Superman may exist in media such as comics and film in the universe of The Batman, which could explain the direct callback to Christopher Reeve's rendition. However, Superman could still exist in The Batman's universe, without directly bringing Clark Kent in to meddle with Bruce Wayne's affairs. 

The trailer suggested that The Batman would be a much more grounded adventure for The Dark Knight, reflecting a David Fincher-style of tone for a more detective-focused story. Superman's potential inclusion in-universe could imply that more supernatural elements are now on the table. Just by his very presence, this could allow more out-there characters, like Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Clayface or even Man-Bat, to appear in subsequent films.

Halloween costumes also provide an idea of the setting of The Batman, suggesting that the film will take place around Halloween. This may suggest that the film will take some inspiration from the classic Batman storyline The Long Halloween, due to the setting and similar premise. This could also suggest a Batman story that spans over a substantial length of time as The Dark Knight is pushed to solve the mystery at hand.

A civilian dressed as Superman will presumably be seen in The Batman, when it releases in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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