Robert Pattinson's The Batman: Hundreds of Halloween-Costumed Characters Revealed In Set Video

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The Batman Halloween Set

The buzz surrounding Matt Reeves' The Batman starring Robert Pattinson has kicked up a notch in recent days as a number of photos and videos from the set have appeared on social media. So far, fans have learned that a mayoral election will play a role in the film's storyline; and since filming is happening in both Liverpool and Chicago, passersby have been capturing some of the activity from the set. Some of the most recent has involved film extras dressed in Halloween costumes, including one extra dressed as a Christopher Reeves-esque Superman !

As filming continues, we're getting even more photos and video, including additional footage of this Halloween scene and a surprise Superman appearance.


In following up on his earlier tweet about seeing a bus of extras dressed in Halloween costumes, including one dressed as an old-school Superman, Twitter user @samkmcgaw shared the following video.

The video does indeed show a steady flow of a few hundred extras dressed in Halloween costumes, including that particular extra dressed as Superman.

This Superman costume does indeed seem to be in the style of Christopher Reeves' Superman with the style of cape and tall red boots; and from the sound of the crowd in the video, it's getting plenty of attention!


It's incredibly interesting to think that The Batman 's story takes place during Halloween. Gotham City is known for being dark, dangerous, and full of interesting (and often costumed) characters apart from Halloween. Imagine the possibilities if the story took place during this particular time of year and how the holiday could play into the film's overall plot.

Secondly, it's possible that The Batman may be inspired by material from the Batman storyline The Long Halloween, meaning fans may already be more familiar with the story Reeves plans to tell than they realize.

Then we have that Superman costume. It's very possible that this is simply a costumed Gotham citizen and a fun tribute to the Christopher Reeves' original Superman and the DCU. It could also mean that Superman exists in the pop culture world of The Batman ; and even more intriguingly, that Superman does indeed exist in The Batman universe.

Regardless, it looks like we can expect to see Superman in some form or fashion when The Batman makes its theatrical debut in 2022.

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