Hawkeye Disney+: Photos Tease Flashbacks To Clint Barton's Childhood

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It was touch and go with Hawkeye a year ago when it came into question whether Hailee Steinfeld would be joining the cast as Kate Bishop. That was thankfully put to rest almost immediately when the series began production in December , and Steinfeld was seen on set with Jeremy Renner .

Aside from a short holiday break in January, the cast and crew for the series have been filming non-stop. Directing duo Bert and Bertie even joked about the prolonged production of Hawkeye on Instagram.

More social media posts have now given fans a hint at a new location for shooting, and a response from one of the directors indicates exactly when filming should finish...


Directors Bert and Bertie for Hawkeye recently made two posts on Instagram showing photos of rubber ducks and a Ferris wheel .

In rubber duck photo, a common carnival game, other attractions can be seen in the background with a comment saying “Had a ducking good time at the fun fair today.”

Coupled with the Ferris wheel that was actually posted last week as part of location scouting, it is apparent that at least part of Hawkeye will take place in a circus or carnival.

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One user on Instagram asked both directors if they're still filming in Atlanta, Georgia, with Bert responding with “hell yeah. Till end April,” which is presumably when Hawkeye will complete filming.


 Carnival Hawkeye

It hasn't been hinted at in the films, but in the comics, Clint Barton worked in the circus for quite some time alongside his brother, starting as children when they ran away from foster care. The circus was where Barton learned to be so good with a bow and arrow, as he became a protégé of Jacques Duquesne, a.k.a. The Swordsman.

In early December, Tony Dalton was announced to be playing Duquesne in the series, which points to Hawkeye's backstory being explored. Although Renner is actually four years older than Dalton, it'll be interesting how they'll portray their relationship in the show. If Barton joined the circus as a child, then Duquesne would have been a child, too, unless the show plans to portray Duquesne far older than his actor.

Another possibility is that this could involve Fra Fee's Clown , who was also part of a circus as a child until the entire troop, aside from himself, was tragically killed. This led to his career as a hitman for hire by the mob.

Hawkeye will release on Disney+ in late 2021 .

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