Marvel Studios Includes Fantastic Four Twist In Newest Disney+ Show

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Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion finally confirmed the introduction of Super Skrulls in the MCU, who first debuted as enemies of the Fantastic Four in the comics.

A variation on the Super Skrulls has been teased since early TV spots for the Disney+ series, with scenes such as one showing Kingsley Ben-Adir's Gravik using Groot's powers. The second episode, "Promises," showed that Gravik's group was collecting the DNA of various specimens, potentially hinting that the Super Skrull reveal was imminent as well. 

Many speculated that the collection of DNA and its owner's powers could closely match those of the original Super Skrull, Kl'rt, from the comics, whose abilities mimicked those of the Fantastic Four and how Gravik could become, in essence, a proto-Kl'rt.

A Super Skrull Twist Confirmed

In the latest episode of Secret Invasion, "Betrayed," Kingsley Ben-Adir's Gravik explained to the Skrull Counsel that in order to fight the superheroes of Earth, they must "become super ourselves" and even explicitly called these new enhanced Skrulls "Super Skrulls:"

"The heroes of Earth will react. The only way we can counter that and claim this planet as our home is to become super ourselves. Now, we no longer just change faces. We change powers. We're gonna be uniquely programmed weapons of mass destruction. All of us. Super Skrulls."

In the comics, the development of the Super Skrulls was on a similar path, at first being cybernetic implants to fight the Fantastic Four, before the Skrull Empire could later reintegrate the ancient ability to copy powers at the genetic level.

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Additionally, the episode confirmed that Gravik also has Extremis now, making it even more likely for him to use the DNA samples of the Frost Beast and Cull Obsidian on top of Groot, pointing further to the idea of him using all four to replicate the powers of Kl'rt.

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It's a question now whether the idea of the Super Skrulls will stick around after Secret Invasion when Fury inevitably stops Gravik from causing World War III.

Still a Chance for Fantastic Four Foe?

More attentive comic book fans noticed one particular namedrop in the second episode, "Promises," when Ben Mendelsohn's Talos explained to Fury where all the Skrulls ended up after the war with the Kree. Talos said he had "sent out the call and every Skrull that isn't in Emperor Drogge's colony" came to Earth.

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"New Avengers" (2004) — Issue #40

This Emperor Drogge is more than likely a reference to the Skrull scientist Dro'ge from the comics, who improved the viability of the Super Skrulls in preparation for the invasion of Earth. The keyword: improved.

It's entirely possible that Emperor Drogge could learn what Gravik attempted to do on Earth and improve upon it. Even more possible is that the first successor of these newly enhanced Super Skrulls could be Kl'rt himself, especially once the Fantastic Four have finally joined the MCU after Phase 5.

Secret Invasion is currently streaming weekly on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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