MCU: New Secret Invasion Footage Reveals Skrull With Groot-Like Powers

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Secret Invasion Groot Skrull

New footage from Marvel’s Secret Invasion series surfaced that shows a Skrull operative using similar abilities to that of the Guardians’ own Groot.

The next piece of MCU content in the pipeline is, of course, Secret Invasion. The six-episode Disney+ show will feature Nick Fury as he attempts to root out Skrull agents who have used their shapeshifting powers to infiltrate Earth by posing as individuals in high places.

The Skrulls, as a species, are known for their ability to duplicate another person right down to their recent memories. And that may not even be the full scope of their power, in some cases, at least.

Gravik Has Groot-like Abilities in New Secret Invasion Promo

A new spot for Secret Invasion aired on television (via KrustyAiden on Twitter). The promo shows Kingsley Ben-Adir‘s Skrull character Gravik outstretching his arm to form a vine-like appendage akin to the Guardians of the Galaxy character Groot.

Check out the clip below along with a screenshot of the moment in question:

A closer look at Gravik using his stretching power:

Skrull groot power
Secret Invasion

This power is quite similar to Groot’s innate ability to stretch out his arms into long vines. He’s been seen using this power many times in his appearances in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies.

Groot in Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War

Normal Skrulls don’t possess such an ability, and what’s more, there’s actually a substantial basis for a specific Skrull having stretchy powers in the comics. Kl’rt, the Super-Skrull is a foe of the Fantastic Four. He underwent an experiment that granted him the superpowers of Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny themselves and used this gain in battle with the team.

In the MCU’s Secret Invasion, the Skrulls are attempting to construct a device that needs a significant amount of power. Many fans have speculated that this device will be used by the aliens to create Super-Skrulls, although this plot element has not been confirmed.

So, perhaps Gravik actually gets transformed into the Super-Skrull at some point during the series, imbuing him with powers from existing MCU heroes such as Groot since the Fantastic Four are not yet in play.

An Augmented Skrull Could Be a Dangerous Force

It’s interesting to note that there isn’t much of a superheroic presence confirmed for Secret Invasion, with Rhodey/War Machine being the only hero currently slated to appear. And judging by the released footage from the show, it seems possible that he won’t even don his iconic weaponized armor.

It’s been stated that Nick Fury is holding back on calling in any heroes in the series and that he has a very good reason for it. But with the shapeshifting Skrulls unlocking new, even more dangerous abilities, the former SHIELD director is going to need some backup.

The Super-Skrull is a match for the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four, so if Secret Invasion is indeed introducing a similar character, the heroes are going to need a lot more firepower. Could it be that the show will have some Avengers-level guest appearances and Marvel simply isn’t spilling the beans?

For those answers, viewers will need to be patient until Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion premieres on June 21. A new trailer, however, will air on Sunday, April 2 on ESPN.

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