WandaVision's Elizabeth Olsen Reveals How Fan Reaction To Trailer Helped Marvel Production

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The reaction to the first WandaVision trailer was explosive almost immediately after it was released on the internet, with fans frantically breaking down every frame of the trailer to find clues and Easter eggs. Hundreds of reaction videos to the WandaVision trailer were uploaded online, themselves achieving thousands or hundreds of thousands of views.

The trailer itself had a staggering 53 million views online after its premiere at the Emmys, becoming one of the most viewed ad spots from any streaming service 14 hours after releasing. It even managed to beat out Black Widow's Super Bowl trailer in February, which had 18.7M views within the same timeframe, and Avengers: Infinity War's Big Game spot way back in 2018, itself having earned 30.9M.

The attention and enjoyment of this trailer didn't go unnoticed by the cast and crew of WandaVision, who greatly appreciated the response and used it to push forward in production.


In the latest issue of Emmy, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany discussed the stricter working conditions on the WandaVision set due to the safety measures in combating COVID-19, with Bettany having described it as “peculiar:”

“It's very peculiar being directed by somebody with most of their face hidden, and there's no hanging out on the set by the video village watching everyone else...but it is a version of the peculiar that at least works.”

Olsen mentioned that the incredibly positive reaction from the first WandaVision trailer “helped morale” on set a great deal:

“When the trailer aired, we were two weeks into filming, exhausted and dealing with the smoke from the California fires...to see the response really helped morale. The next day at work, we all had a little pep in our step. We refocused and got reenergized.”



It's always nice to hear how actors, crew, and everyone else who works on these productions are affected by the reactions from the general audience and fans, especially in times like this where such anticipation from something like a trailer can help boost the energy and enthusiasm on set. Of course, as Elizabeth Olsen says, they were still filming when the first trailer was released.

WandaVision's production seemed to finally come to an end in early November, which points to the trailer having helped the cast and crew in the last two months of shooting.

Filming of the MCU show caused Olsen to cancel an appearance at ArmageddonExpo in New Zealand, by far one of the safer countries to have such an expo during the global pandemic. Regardless, Olsen's decision to pass on the con was for the best of everyone, no matter how safe the venue could have been.

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