Marvel's WandaVision: Leaked Set Photos Tease Halloween Party & Military Presence

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Vision and Scarlet Witch in Halloween Costumes

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany will return to their MCU roles in the highly anticipated series WandaVision from Marvel Studios on Disney+. Judging by the trailer, the series follows Wanda Maximoff as she tries to create her perfect life with Vision and possibly tears the fabric of reality in the process.

Through various leaks, it's been established that the sitcom-esque town that Wanda creates with her powers is called Westview. There, high jinks will undoubtedly ensue, but it appears that a crew member on the series got up to some of his own.


Update: The set images have been removed from Instagram. Below are descriptions of each of the photos:

A member of the WandaVision crew posted various photos on Instagram, seemingly taken from the set of the MCU series. 

The first image depicted a building with the lettering "Westview Public Library" on the front of it. The second featured the crew standing around a tent used in the production of the series.

A selfie with Halloween decorations (pumpkins and hay bales) in the background can be seen in the third photo.

Finally, there's a large, armored military video being operated by soldiers of some sort in the last image.


Seeing as how the photos were taken on a Disney back-lot and the building is called Westview Public Library, it would seem that these pictures are definitely from the WandaVision set. This is not to mention that the caption on the original Instagram post reveals that the project will be on Disney+ in December.

Whether or not this member of the production will be in hot water due to posting this is another story entirely. For what it's worth, he has deleted his post from Instagram. Perhaps he revealed more than he was allowed to.

The third photo shows what appear to be pumpkins and other Halloween decorations littering the streets, suggesting a Halloween setting, lending credence to the long-speculated notion of a Halloween themed episode.

What's more, in the fourth photo, an armored military vehicle can be seen. Could this be hinting at involvement from the military within the show's plot? Perhaps Wanda's reality-warping gets far out of hand. Alternatively, it could hint at S.W.O.R.D. playing a role in this scene. The clandestine organization is already known to have a presence in WandaVision.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision will hopefully hit Disney+ in December or barring that, early 2021.

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