One Piece Season 2 Will Likely Cover These 6 Anime Arcs

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One Piece has been a huge hit for Netflix, with fans clamoring for more, but what arcs from the anime would a second season likely include?

While a second has yet to be confirmed, the show left a huge tease for fans with its post-credits scene. It's helped that, unlike Netflix's other live-action anime adaptation, Cowboy Bebop, this series was retrieved fairly well by critics and fans.

Tight Squeeze for 6 One Piece Anime Arcs

The first season of Netflix's One Piece adapted up to 96 chapters of the manga, comprised of five arcs, ending with the conclusion of Arlong Park and the revelation of Luffy's bounty. Having already set up Baroque Works through Mr. 7, a second season of One Piece would likely adapt everything up to the Arabasta arc, with Sir Crocodile as the season's overarching villain.

However, that would mean condensing at least 121 chapters, comprised of six arcs, into another eight 50-minute episodes. It sounds daunting, especially with nearly 30 more chapters, but it's still possible, especially if the second season is as fast-paced and story-condensing as the first.


After defeating Arlong, the Straw Hats must resupply in Loguetown before entering the Grand Line. Meanwhile, Luffy is searching for Gol D. Roger's execution platform, avoiding old and new enemies.

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Lasting only five chapters in the manga, this arc is all but confirmed to be the next step for Netflix's One Piece, especially after it teased a team-up between Ilia Isorelýs Paulino's Alvida and Jeff Ward's Buggy, along with Smoker already having Luffy in his crosshairs.

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While short, this arc introduces key pieces of worldbuilding, like Logia-type powers through Smoker, along with new characters, such as Smoker's petty officer, Tashigi (left), and a mysterious cloak-clad figure (right) who saves Luffy.

The Straw Hat pirates escape, of course, but not without spurring Smoker and Tashigi to hunt them down into the Grand Line, taking the place of Vincent Regan's Garp.

Reverse Mountain

The journey into the Grand Line, over Reverse Moutain, is treacherous, especially when it almost ends with the Going Merry smashing into an enormous whale. Thankfully, they avert disaster and are given life-saving advice on their journey ahead.

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While a giant whale might be a burden on the CGI budget, several scenes can easily be cut from this arc, such as the crew going adrift in the Calm Belt or sailing into the whale's stomach. On top of that, one key character can be introduced in the next arc without hurting the story.

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What matters most is the backstory of Laboon being told, the character of Crocus being introduced, and, most importantly, the concept of Log Poses explained to the audience, which will become a staple to the series moving forward.

Condensing what is already another five-chapter arc, this could easily fit in a single episode with room to spare for the next arc.

Whisky Peak

On the crew's journey, they arrive at Whisky Peak, which would introduce Baroque Works and its leader, Sir Crocodile. As the Straw Hats attempt to escape his wrath, they're convinced to escort a princess back to her kingdom.

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Debuting in the Reverse Mountain arc, Princess Vivi becomes the most important character moving forward, as her kingdom, Arabasta, is on the brink of civil war at the hand of Crocodile.

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Alongside Vivi (left), another important character, Crocodile's right hand, Nico Robin (right), makes her debut. Someone who will become a mainstay character in the series moving forward.

At nine chapters, mostly comprised of Zoro taking down hundreds of Baroque Works agents, it's the arc that finally kicks off the season's overarching plot.

Little Garden

After having targets on (most) of their heads, the Straw Hats flee to Little Garden, a prehistoric island inhabited by two friendly giants, Dorry and Brogy, but Baroque Works still manages to track them down and pull some dirty tricks.

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Not only does this arc introduce giants to the setting of One Piece, but it's also when the crew finally manages to shake Baroque Works off their tail. Unfortunately, Nami becomes gravely ill after leaving the island, forcing the crew to seek a doctor.

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At 15 chapters, this arc would need a whole episode, especially if it wants to include one of the most bombastic set pieces and fights up to this point in the series.

Drum Island

The Straw Hats manage to stumble onto Drum Island in search of a doctor but discover it only has two, one of whom is a talking reindeer. Luffy has to trudge through snow and up a mountain to help Nami get the treatment she needs.

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Aside from the absurdity of Wapol, the villain of this arc, Netflix will have to contend with bringing the blue-nosed talking reindeer, Tony-Tony Chopper, to life on a streaming budget. It isn't helped that Chopper has several transformations, thanks to eating a Zoan-Type Devil Fruit.

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Of course, if the producers aren't total cowards, Chopper's base form (middle) could just be a puppet, while his other forms are played by a muscular man in prosthetics or CGI.

Almost equal in length to the Arlong Park arc at 25 chapters, it'd certainly be challenging for this arc to fit in a single episode.


The Straw Hats finally arrive in Arabasta to stop Crocodiles' plans to destroy the kingdom but have to fight through his strongest Baroque Works agents.

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One thing that Netflix's One Piece did to condense the story was to cut out or merge many of the series' fights. Not to mention that this arc can eliminate a significant amount of backtracking the crew does getting to Arabasta and Crocodile.

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However, there's still plenty that needs to be covered in this arc, such as introducing Portgas D. Ace, the idea of Vivre Cards, and, most importantly, the concept of the Ancient Weapons and Poneglyphs, which will both become pivotal to the plot of the series moving forward.

At a staggering 63 chapters, more than double the length of Arlong Park's 27 chapters, this behemoth of an arc would take, at minimum, three episodes to cover the most important plot points and moments.

Pacing Concerns for Season 2

One of the primary criticisms of Netflix's One Piece, even from those who liked the show, has been the breakneck pacing of the plot and not letting some moments properly sit. Considering how much material the first season had to condense or cut, it's no wonder the pacing suffered.

It isn't helped that for fans of the original manga, Usopp noticeably suffered the most of these cuts, with all his big moments from the Syrup Village arc being cut. Something that could happen with even greater frequency in a second season.

While it's technically possible that all six of these arcs could fit into eight episodes, the real question is whether they should. The pacing would suffer again, especially with even more material to adapt.

The first season of the live-action One Piece series is streaming now on Netflix.

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