Netflix's One Piece Reviews: Critics Share Strong First Reactions

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The first reviews of Netflix's live-action One Piece series are here, and they are overwhelmingly positive.

Fans are finally headed to the Grand Line yet again, with Netflix's latest anime-to-live-action project hitting the service. 

Netflix's One Piece is based on the manga and anime of the same name, both of which have been regularly releasing new stories centered on the stretching hero Luffy and his band of Star Hat Pirates for over 20 years. 

After recent flops like the live-action Death Note film and Cowboy Bebop series, some had wondered if Netflix's efforts in reimaging classic anime was a fool's errand; however, early test screenings indicated that One Piece could be the one to break the mold

One Piece Gets Glowing First Reactions

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With just a week before its release, critics posted their live-action One Piece reviews. 

Early returns indicate the Netflix adaptation of the hit anime could break the anime-to-live-action curse, with the series' cast, VFX, and pirate story getting showered with praise. 

Megan Peters from revealed she had watched "Season 1 several times now" and that it is "*good* good:"

The news is out. I've seen Netflix's 'One Piece', and while I cannot say much, I can say this before all my coverage goes live: I've watched season one several times now. It is *good* good."

Crunchyroll's Daniel Dockery also remained fairly tight-lipped, calling the series "good" as well: 

"I can't say much (and I'll be writing a ton about it later,) but I've seen the live action 'One Piece' in its entirety and y'all? It's good."

Mo Hoosen of The Streamr remarked that the series is "the real deal." He added that Netflix's One Piece will hopefully be remembered as the "king of the Netflix shows:"

"Having seen all 8 episodes of Netflix’s upcoming ‘One Piece’, and having minimal exposure to the source materials, I can say that this is THE show fans of live action manga and/or anime adaptations have wanted. THIS is the real deal. 

The dynamic camerawork, with slick VFX, a killer cast, and an understanding of STORY (and specifically how to write, direct, and produce big budget episodic media), this will hopefully stand tall to be remembered as… king of the Netflix shows!"

Critic @WildeePatrol on X (formerly known as Twitter) wrote they were "pleasantly surprised" by the adaptation, complimenting the "vast" scale of the show:

"As someone who has become much more familiar with the anime in the past year I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see the series brought to life with so much love. The scale of this show is VAST and so much dedication was put into just about every aspect of it."

"The straw crew feel like they’d been brought to life perfectly," he continued in a follow-up post praising the cast:

 "The shining stars here are the shows cast. The straw crew feel like they’d been brought to life perfectly, ESPECIALLY LUFFY!!!"

And's Evan Valentine took a shot at some of Netflix's other anime adaptations, opining, "This is NOT Cowboy Bebop, cannot stress that enough:"

"I've seen Netflix's 'One Piece' and can confirm, it does the source material justice and then some. I think anime fans and newcomers to the Grand Line will be surprised at what the show has to offer. This is not 'Cowboy Bebop,' cannot stress that enough."

What Do One Piece's Good Reviews Mean for the Series?

One Piece fans have been waiting with bated breath to see if Netflix's adaptation of the hit manga and anime would live up to its name. 

Well - if these early reactions are any indication - it looks as though the streamer may have a hit on its hands.

For over 20 years, One Piece has been one of the most beloved titles in anime, as fans have grown up with the series and its over 1,100 episodes. While the anime has picked up plenty of fans over the years, this gargantuan episode count has become a hurdle for the series, with audiences intimidated to give the pirating series a shot.

That is why the prospect of a live-action show was so exciting for some. It is a new entry point for fans remaining faithful to the source material and might even turn on some to give the anime a chance. 

The fact that the live-action show looks to actually be good means even more people will be willing to take the dive into the world of the Straw Hat Pirates and their quest for the Grand Line. 

And given how the sheer scope of the One Piece story has grown over the years, there is plenty for the Netflix series to tackle should the live-action adaptation prove a success and get greenlit for future seasons. 

Netflix has not yet confirmed a Season 2 of the live-action show, but word is showrunner Matt Owens has been working on it (per SKAnime). So if the series proves to be a hit, fans should expect even more out of the world of One Piece on the streamer. 

Netflix's One Piece is set to debut on the platform on Thursday, August 31. 

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