Netflix's One Piece Reboot Includes THAT Tragic Nami Scene, Confirms Actress

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Nami in Netflic's One Piece live-action

Netflix's One Piece actress Emily Rudd revealed that the live-action series will showcase a significant scene involving Nami from the anime. 

In the One Piece anime, Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates and a senior officer of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Rudd is set to portray the live-action version of the character. 

As marketing ramps up for the series, the trailer already provided the best look at her version of the character alongside the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates led by Luffy. 

Nami's Tragic Scene Confirmed by One Piece Actress 

One Piece
Emily Rudd as Nami

In an interview with GamesRadar+, Emily Rudd, who portrays Nami in Netflix's One Piece, shared that one of the iconic scenes from the anime involving her character is featured in the series. 

The scene that Rudd is referring to is the one where Nami sobs while asking Luffy for help, which then led to Luffy putting her hat on her head while accepting her plea. 

One Piece
One Piece

When asked if she is aware that the scene was going to hinge on her and her character, Rudd confirmed that she did while also noting that it was the sequence "that made [her] a fan of the show:"

GR+: "Given what we know about the adaptation, it seems fair to say that we’re going to see a lot of crew member introductions early on. But it also seems like we’re going to get what are easily some of the most definitive, emotional Nami arcs in the manga and anime. How daunting was that for you? Did you know going in that a particularly chunky piece of this was going to hinge on you and your character?"

Rudd: "Oh, I was so deeply aware that this was going to hinge on me. I mean, the scene that we are addressing was the one that made me a fan of the show. It was what locked me in, and I remember the first time seeing it, I was bawling. And every time I have seen or read it since, I cry. I think about it, I cry."

Rudd continued by saying that it was the only scene in the series that she was "actually nervous for:"

"But that was the only scene that I think I was actually nervous for because everything else – like I said, I know I was joking when I said I was born to play Nami, but she truly is the first character in my career that I have ever been like: ‘Oh, of course. Of course it’s her. Of course it’s me.’"

The One Piece actress then reflected on executing the crucial scene for the series:

"But that scene, because it means so much not only to existing fans, but to me, that was like, ‘I have to make it right. I have to make it right,’ and I really think that we did. Like the entire team really kind of turned it out for that moment."

In One Piece Episode 37, Nami discovered that Arlong never intended to keep his promise to her to keep the village safe, thus prompting Luffy to ask her if she needs any help. However, Nami declined Luffy's offer since it does not concern him.

One Piece

After failing to convince the villagers from attacking Arlong and his crew, Nami begins to stab the tattoo of Arlong on her shoulder until she was stopped by Luffy. 

One Piece

Nami tries to ask Luffy to leave her, but he didn't move. Ultimately, Nami finally asks Luffy to save her, which then led to Luffy giving her his straw hat while also telling her that he will help her.  

Interestingly, at the 2:05 mark of the show's official trailer, a brief look at the live-action portrayal of the scene was unveiled. 

Meanwhile, GamesRadar+ also asked Rudd if she's "pretty handy with a map" since Nami is the crew's navigator. 

The actress responded by saying that she's "super good at it," explaining why she is the "default person" in that aspect: 

GR+: "Nami is the crew’s navigator. So, how are you at orientation? Are you pretty handy with a map or do you get lost easily?"

Rudd: "I am actually super good at it. I’m kind of like the default person that, if we’re in a new city, people are like ‘hey Em, can you navigate us’ because I’ve just… I grew up camping. And so we have the paper maps, and it’s like – when I say ‘camping,’ I mean, like ’middle of nowhere, bathroom is a hole in the ground somewhere in the forest,’-type camping."

Why Nami Is Crucial in One Piece’s Story

It is quite promising that Netflix's One Piece live-action series is faithfully adapting the anime. 

Given that One Piece has many diehard fans, it is important that crucial scenes such as Nami and Luffy's iconic interaction are included in the series.

Emily Rudd's excitement about the scene may also indicate that its live-action portrayal has the same level of emotional connection similar to the original one from the anime. 

Nami is one of the most important characters from the One Piece anime. Aside from being the Straw Hat's navigator, Nami has been involved in all of the story arcs of the series.

Moreover, it was only Nami and Usopp who had the honor of holding on to the straw hat, thus establishing why she is an integral part of the crew. 

Fans can catch Emily Rudd's debut as Nami in One Piece when it premieres on Netflix on August 31.

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