One Piece Netflix Post-Credits Scene Teases Season 2's Villain

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The post-credits scene from Netflix's One Piece may have teased Season 2's villain. 

After more than 25 years as a highly successful anime and manager, Eiichiro Oda's beloved pirating adventure has now been realized in full live-action

Reviews have been glowing for One Piece, although a second season has not been guaranteed by the streamer after some previously failed anime adaptations. 

That has not stopped showrunners Steve Maeda and Matt Owens from laying the seeds for what could be on the horizon for the Straw Hat Pirates in the future. 

One Piece Post-Credits Scene Explained

A pseudo-post-credits scene (taking place right after the closing One Piece logo and before the full credits) in the live-action One Piece series seemingly hinted at where the story could go in a potential Season 2, particularly on the villain front. 

Smoker in One Piece post-credits

To close out Netflix's take on the swashbuckling adventure, a shadowy figure can be seen sitting at a desk with two cigars in hand. 

He sits grunting as he looks over Luffy's wanted poster, which became such a big moment in the Season 1 finale. 

One Piece final scene Luffy Wanted poster

As the camera zooms in and the music crescendos, this mysterious pirate slowly burns the center of Luffy's poster with the fire slowly burning from within. 

Fans have assumed this is longtime One Piece antagonist Smoker, who seems like he is being set up to be the villain in Season 2. 

Smoker face in One Piece
One Piece

This is the first time the live-action interpretation of the character popped up in the series after years in both the anime and manga. 

Who Is One Piece's Smoker?

Smoker fighting Luffy in One Piece
One Piece

For a few of One Piece's early arcs, Smoker was a key figure. 

While Season 1 of Netflix's One Piece did not get into the character at all, surely going forward he is going to be a big deal. 

In the source material, Smoker becomes the primary antagonist for the Loguetown Arc, which directly follows the Arlong Park Arc (which was adapted in One Piece Season 1's last few episodes). 

Smoke is best known for his longsword, sharp sunglasses, and signature cigars (usually with two in his mouth and countless others wrapped around his arms).

Just like the series protagonist, Luffy, he also possesses a Devil Fruit power, being able to transform into smoke at any moment. 

While he may be the main villain in the Loguetown Arc, Smokey is someone who constantly comes up throughout the One Piece anime and manga, whether it be as a friend (sometimes teaming up with the Straw Hats) or foe. 

So, if the Netflix series were to go forward beyond just a second season, one can expect Smokey to be there. 

Season 1 of One Piece can be streamed now on Netflix. 

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