Daredevil Actress Campaigns for Revival After Disney+ Takeover

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Ever since Netflix canceled Daredevil due to Disney's incoming competing streaming service, fans have held multiple ongoing campaigns to revive the show. Alongside those fans was almost every actor and actress from Daredevil throwing in their support for the show to continue, despite the impending takeover of Marvel content on Disney+.

It has certainly been an exciting month for fans of Daredevil and the rest of Netflix's Marvel shows. In February, every show was announced to be leaving the streaming service by March 1, leaving fans to wonder where they would end up next. However, Disney assured fans that further clarification of where they'd stream next would come soon.

In a happy surprise, it was revealed that Disney+ would be adding additional parental controls, meaning that more mature shows like Daredevil and the rest of the former Netflix shows could be included in its catalog—giving these shows a far better chance to continue after their cancellations. 

So it's only expected that more former actors from the canceled series would come out in support of their revival, such as one Daredevil actress.

Daredevil Actress Advocates for Revival of Show

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Everyone has been overjoyed about Daredevil and the rest of the Netflix Marvel shows arriving on Disney+ on March 16, including actress Amy Rutberg, who played Marci Stahl on Daredevil.

Not only was she excited when tweeting about the announcement, but she also included the hashtag "#SaveDaredevil," signaling her desire for it to be continued with another season instead of a reboot:

Heard any cool news lately? #Daredevil #SaveDaredevil

Amy Rutberg


Another Lawyer for She-Hulk?

It's already been rumored that Charlie Cox's Matthew Murdock will make an appearance in She-Hulk, so if Daredevil doesn't see an immediate revival, it could be an opportunity to see Amy Rutberg's Marci Stahl make an appearance in the next season of She-Hulk. It would certainly help fill up Jennifer Walter's corner of the world and help connect her and Daredevil further with the rest of the MCU.

However, considering that, in-universe, five whole years would have passed, it would also be interesting to see how much Stahl's character has changed or how her relationship with Elden Henson's Foggy Nelson has progressed since the third season of Daredevil.

Regardless, considering that all these shows, including Daredevil, will be available in the United States on Disney+ alongside every other MCU film and show, it gives far more credence to them returning. Thus, it isn't unfounded for former actors from the shows to advocate for their return, if not for the passion of the roles but an opportunity to return to a paying job.

The Marvel Netflix television shows will begin streaming on Disney+ on March 16, 2022. 

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