Loki Actor Leaks Image From Thor-Inspired Scene In Marvel Studios' What If...?

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There has been a deluge of leaks from Marvel Studios' What If...? recently regarding the premises of several episodes. This includes episodes that will focus on Doctor Strange becoming corrupted by the Dark ArtsT'Challa taking control of the Ravagers, and even one where Tony Stark and Killmonger apparently become allies.

One leak, in particular, that has sparked the interest of fans is "Party Thor," whose episode involves the God of Thunder throwing a world-ending party. This looks like it will be an episode that involves the son of Odin not learning a lesson in humility but instead learning one in hedonism.

Now, a new leak points to one pinnacle scene from the original Thor being replicated, potentially for that episode...


The Turkish voice actor for Loki, Levent Sülün, recently posted an image from What If...? on his Instagram account which has now been deleted. However, it was captured by Twitter user @simpforhidd.

It showed what appears to be a recreation of the climax in Thor in which Loki creates duplicates of himself when fighting the God of Thunder on the Rainbow Bridge:

Loki Duplication Thor

Not only does this confirm that Disney+ will soon be coming to Turkey, but fans will likely see multiple scenes from the films recreated in Marvel Studios' first animated series.


This particular leak could be related to scenes seen in the first official What If...? trailer that depicted many versions of Loki standing together at the United Nations. Presumably, Loki has successfully solidified himself as the King of Asgard and is continuing the old tradition of Asgardian colonialism. 

Loki UN What If
Marvel's What If...?

One goal of Marvel Studios for this new animated series is to make it feel like audiences are still "watching one of the movies." The more that comes out of What If...?, the more it feels like one big experiment from the studio to see the potential in animated projects for this ever-expanding franchise.

The studio replicating scenes straight from the films and directly drawing comparisons to them is quite bold and perhaps a test for the future. Who knows what other animated projects could be in development as What If...? certainly won't be the last, especially when early anticipation of the series is quite high.

What If...? is currently reported releasing on Disney+ in August 2020.

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