Marvel Promises Disney+ Episodes of What If...? Will Feel Like MCU Movies

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Marvel Promises Disney+'s What If...? Episodes Will Feel Like Watching MCU Movies

When Marvel Studios announced the colossal lineup of projects that would follow the pop culture phenomenon known as Avengers: Endgame, titles such as Black WidowEternals, and Loki created a loud buzz of excitement from fans all over the world.

One project, however, was different from the rest. In a saga full of top-tier acting and beautiful cinematography, the Marvel Cinematic Universe revealed its first animated series, with the interesting title What If...?

The series, which will stream on Disney+, is going to immerse fans back into certain points throughout the MCU. These points, more specifically, will be important moments in the saga and will show how the outcome of certain events could have been different if, for instance, a particular character chose another path. 


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As the release date for What If...? gets closer, more questions have been raised about what the content of the series will actually be.

A.C. Bradley, the show's creator, has recently revealed on Total Film, via Twitter, that episodes of Marvel Studios' What If..? will feature a more cinematic feel, saying "I do joke that I'm writing very expensive fan fiction."

He also teased the possibility of some surprises for the series, saying there will be "more than a few surprising cameos."

With no doubt that the animation quality will be more than exquisite, Bradley ends by saying that fans will feel like they're "watching one of the movies" within 30 seconds of viewing the series. 


Bradley's comments should peak fan interest at the very least.

The promise of "surprising cameos" reveals that there will be not just one, but multiple character appearances throughout season one's 10 episodes. Due to the large number of characters in the world of Marvel, it is almost impossible to theorize who these cameos could be, but fans can more than likely expect to be blown away.

Also, with Bradley mentioning that writing the series feels like "fan fiction," as well as how it mimics the feel of an MCU film, viewers can rest assured that the scope of What If...? will be incredible, with blockbuster-like action and animation filling up each episode's runtime.

As fans anticipate the arrival of the first episode on Disney+, it is clear that the series is in great hands with A.C. Bradley bringing What If...? to life on the small screen.

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