Anthony Mackie Comments on Marvel's Master Plan For MCU's Phase 4

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally kicked off phase 4 with the release of WandaVision on Disney+ , which will only be the beginning of Marvel Studios' most expansive year to date. By the end of 2021, Marvel will bring four full-length movies to theaters alongside six unique mini-series debuting on Disney+.

The biggest mystery still surrounding Phase 4 is its end date, which was never officially set into stone. 2022 includes six Disney+ shows and as many as six movies, with only a couple more entries confirmed for 2023; however, Marvel CCO Kevin Feige hasn't revealed what the final property in this next slate of projects will be.

In a new streaming interview, one of Phase 4's biggest stars teases his own thoughts on what he knows about everything on the horizon for the MCU.


In a recent interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast with Josh Horowitz, MCU star Anthony Mackie shared that he knows more of what's coming in Phase 4 of the MCU than most of his co-stars. Not revealing any details, Mackie laughs through the segment as he described his experience learning about what Marvel Studios has planned over the next few years:

HOROWITZ: "I hear you’re one of the few that actually knows Phase 4 plans. Did they sit you down in a room and kind of outline what the hell is happening the next few years? And what was your reaction?"

MACKIE: "You know how all the 14-year-old girls have that little noise machine that they sleep… like the little wind thing… [Marvel Studios] bring you in a room and turn on four of those, close the curtains, and they literally just run down on a blackboard the gauntlet of what’s gonna happen."

Mackie is then asked for his opinion on what Marvel Studios has in store, infusing Anthony Mackie-branded humor and a reference to "soapboxes" (a term he used earlier in his interview in connection to soap operas) into his response:

HOROWITZ: "What’d you think?"

[Long pause of hesitation]

MACKIE: "Uhhhh….we’ll see!"

HOROWITZ: "Stop it!"

MACKIE: "Uh, good luck, ya know. There's always soapboxes!"


Marvel Studios' actors are well-trained in the art of not giving away anything that could be classified as a spoiler ( Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo aside ). The MCU fandom is ravenous to learn more of what's coming down the pipeline, especially knowing how far in advance the studio has their plans worked out .

Considering that Mackie is one of the longest-standing stars in the MCU and that he plays such a pivotal role on-screen , it's not shocking that he's one of the few that has extensive inside knowledge of Marvel's future. Knowing his penchant for being a jokester, it's impossible to tell if the process he went through to learn what he knows is real or exaggerated; however, he certainly has a responsibility to keep these secrets alongside his duties on-screen.

Considering he wants to keep his job as Falcon/Captain America, his lips are sealed tight on what the rest of Phase 4 holds. Hopefully, with at least 25 projects confirmed to be coming between now and 2023 , the releases will come at such a rapid pace that Phase 4's end will become an afterthought.

Anthony Mackie will be seen next in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , which premieres on Disney+ on March 19, 2021.

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March 19, 2021
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