Marvel Reveals How Tom Hiddleston's Loki Would Look Without Brother Thor In New What If Episode

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Warning - This article contains spoilers for Episode 7 of What If...?.

After a string of somewhat tragic episodes from Marvel Studios' What If...?, the latest episode lightened the mood by asking the question of "What If... Thor Was an Only Child?"

In the episode, an irresponsible Thor with a penchant for partying visits Midgard where his celebrating wreaks so much havoc that SHIELD Agent Maria Hill nearly nuked the God of Thunder. 

However, he's not alone in his merrymaking. This episode was packed with MCU character cameos from Rocket and Nebula to Thor: Ragnarok's roster of characters, like the Grandmaster, Korg, and even Surtur

Still, the most surprising cameo of all just might've been the star of Marvel's most recent live-action Disney+ series - Loki; but for this series, Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief sported a different look.

Loki's New Look in Marvel's What If...?

During the latest episode of What If...?, when Thor is partying in Paris, France, the God of Thunder appears upset when Loki joins the celebration; but this time, he's not Thor's brother. He's a Frost Giant. 

Still voiced by Tom Hiddleston, the former God of Mischief towers over Thor with a blue complexion, gold armor, red eyes, and his signature horns that now appear to be made of ice.

Loki What If
Marvel Studios

After the two exchange insults, it's then revealed that they are actually friends in this universe, with Loki even referring to him as his "brother from another mother."

Loki What If
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At the start of the episode, the Watcher shared that Loki's Jotunheim blue hue is the result of Odin returning baby Loki to Laufey instead of adopting him as his own son.

Loki What If
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Much like What If...?'s Party Thor, Loki is equally irresponsible and even bails on his "brother" when Thor asks for help in clearing up the mess and destruction they've caused on Earth. 

Blue Loki What If
Marvel Studios


Blue and Burdened With Purpose

Since fans have known about Loki's heritage since 2011's Thor, getting to see him as a Frost Giant - and who he would be if he hadn't been adopted - was one of the more intriguing aspects of this episode of What If...?

It was also interesting that the writers made a conscious decision to still have Thor and Loki share a bond and even refer to one another as brothers. Despite some of What If...?'s far-fetched scenarios, the characters are always inherently the same.

Clearly, Marvel Studios is making a conscious decision to emphasize the connection between these two. 

Still, this What If...? story isn't the first time fans have seen Loki looking a little blue. 

In Marvel's Loki series on Disney+, Hiddleston's Loki is shown a variety of Loki Variants including a blue-hued version labeled as Variant L6792. However, it probably wasn't this Frost Giant Loki from this animated series since Variant L6792 was wearing Asgardian leather. 

Also, audiences have seen Loki - without his blue complexion and growth spurt - in an earlier episode of What If...? titled "What If... The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?"

While it remains to be seen if these Lokis - or new Lokis - show up in Season 1's final two episodes, it's safe to say that this version will probably be one of the most memorable. 

New episodes of What If...? debut Wednesdays on Disney+.

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