Black Panther's Killmonger Reportedly Teams Up With Iron Man In Disney+'s What If...? Show

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Back when Black Panther premiered in 2018, it was immediately a hit—in fact, some would say that it hit classic status overnight. While Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa was obviously one of the best parts of the film, right behind him was Michael B. Jordan's portrayal of Killmonger.

The character pulled in the audience like not many have, especially villains—one of the weak spots of many Marvel films. While his death at the end of Black Panther was a perfect conclusion to the story being told, fans couldn't help but wish he had survived. If only to appear again down the line.

However, not even death could falter those fans wishing for his return. Many, in fact, want to see him return for a redemption arc, leading him to take over the mantle of Black Panther. Even Jordan himself wants to return.

While that outcome is unlikely, only time will tell. But thanks to Marvel's upcoming Disney+ show What If...?, the MCU faithful are going to get their wish for more Killmonger.


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According to a report from The Illuminerdi, fans now potentially have brand-new details in regard to Killmonger's episode of What If...?

Their sources tell them that Michael B. Jordan's Erik Stevens/Killmonger will indeed play a key role in an episode of Marvel's What If...? Instead of the episode revolving around the throne of Wakanda as most fans would have thought, Killmonger "will go international," all thanks to an unexpected friendship with no other than Tony Stark's Iron Man.

It's certainly an interesting pairing, one that fans likely would never have even thought of—it's things like this that make the endless potential of What If..? that much more exciting.

The Illuminerdi points out that the two do actually have a common thread. Both Killmonger and Iron Man both graduated from MIT. So while their paths diverged greatly, obviously, thanks to What If...?, fans can see a far different outcome.


Even though Michael B. Jordan is up to returning as Killmonger in the live-action MCU, the likelihood of that happening seems pretty slim—not counting a flashback sequence, which would be far more possible. Thanks to What If...?, fans not only get Michael B. Jordan back in the role, but they also get an entirely new and original story.

What If...? doesn't hit Disney+ until this August, but things about the show are slowly leaking out. From Captain Carter to Iron Man's trip to Sakaar, and even Black Widow surviving Ultron's apocalypse—the many tales that the show promises to bring already seem like they are going to be spectacular additions to the MCU.

When it comes to live-action, well, fans will have to wait and see in terms of any possible return of Killmonger. At the very least, Black Panther's sequel is in fact still happening. On top of getting a name change, a massive Marvel character was announced for the film.

So, while seeing Killmonger in live-action is in question, fans will at the very least be able to return to Wakanda soon.

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