Marvel Rumor Teases Iron Man vs. Gamora Fight In MCU's What If...? Show

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Marvel has a massive slate of upcoming projects. In fact, it's almost overwhelming. Thankfully though, with Marvel's quality maintained through the newly released Disney+ shows, fans will be in for an awesome ride over the next few years.

Their third show, Loki, has just begun, and it's already doing an amazing job when it comes to viewership and popularity. In fact, the show's premiere has already overtaken both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 

There's plenty more to come, of course. With massive shows such as Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye are still on the horizon this year, it's easy to forget what is likely to be one of Marvel's most fun Disney+ shows to date: What If...?

The first animated show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe promises to deliver fun and exciting adventures and focuses on alternate scenarios. Each episode will be based around a previous movie in the MCU, but a key event will be changed, snowballing the entire story into a new and exciting direction.

What If...? will be a truly unique experience for Marvel fans. While the show is still two months away, fans can take a look at potential details regarding one of the show's ten episodes.


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According to The Illuminerdi, details for an upcoming episode of Marvel's animated Disney+ show What If...? have been leaked. 

It's revealed that at least one of the episodes will feature Gamora, who will be sporting a similar outfit to what fans usually see of her. The key twist, on top of potentially still working under her father's guidance, is that she will be hunting a target: Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark.

What makes this concept so neat, is that Iron Man and Gamora have never interacted in the main MCU timeline. It's one of the many perks of not only the entire concept of What If? but also its animated form. Marvel can go in directions that were never before feasible, and explore things that still wouldn't be possible in the future for live adaptations.


A show such as What If...? has endless potential. It's a show that could provide Marvel with countless additional seasons, giving creative reigns to so many storytellers, letting them take their own spin on some of Marvel's biggest moments. For example, fans have a chance to see Robert Downey Jr.'s beloved Iron Man go up against the baddest woman in the galaxy in Gamora. 

First, though, fans need to get to the first season. It's been said that watching episodes of What If..? feels like watching a proper MCU film. So if that's the case, the show is likely to become one of the most popular Marvel projects of the year.

I mean one of the potential episodes focuses on if Ultron actually beat the Avengers, and maybe even gets his hands on the Infinity Gaunlet—who wouldn't want to see that?

What If...? officially premieres in August on Disney+. Hopefully, soon, fans will know the exact day that they can start jumping into that endless multiverse of possibilities.

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