Loki: Tom Hiddleston’s Thor 1 Costume Teased For Disney+ Show

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If the recent marketing for Loki is to be taken at face value, the show certainly seems to be shaping up as one crazy ride. Much like WandaVision , it looks to deliver an experience that is unlike anything else that fans have experienced within the MCU. A time-traveling 2012 Loki trying to fix the timeline he broke, while also dealing with different variants of himself , is certainly not a normal affair.

The newest trailer for the Disney+ series has plenty of fun teases about what may be in the show's future. From the probable introduction of Kang the Conquerer to running for president, there's a lot to digest. One of the bigger call-outs was in the first trailer , when Loki is beamed out of mid-air by Heimdall, seemingly getting teleported back to Asgard.

This obviously brings with it a lot of questions. Does this mean fans are going to see Asgard? How is it possible that Chris Hemsworth won't be making an appearance, or will he?

Nevertheless, with the new trailer released by Marvel Studios, fans have been given another tantalizing tease in regard to Loki's possible time in Asgard.


In light of Marvel releasing a brand-new trailer for Loki , fans are starting to notice a bunch of new things .

Among those things is the fact that it looks like Loki is wearing his golden armor last seen in the first Thor film on a throne in Asgard.

Loki on Asgard throne in Loki
Marvel Studios

Here, Loki can be seen in his golden armor that was last seen in 2011. Not only that, but he seems to be an Asgardian throne. The problem is that it can't be nailed down for sure, seeing as the design of the throne room has changed for every Thor film.

Loki on throne with armor in Thor
Marvel Studios

The images provide a better look at Loki's old armor while also showcasing the drastic difference in the design of the surrounding room. That being said, it still all feels very Asgardian.

Loki’s Thor 1 Armor
Marvel Studios

Another image from the first Thor provides the best look at the armor Loki wore, which can be compared against the first image.

Throne in Thor Dark World
Marvel Studios

Here, more clear changes to the throne room in Thor: The Dark World are shown.

Throne design in Thor Ragnarok
Marvel Studios

This final image shows the throne room in Thor: Ragnarok , which sees a near-complete overhaul from what was seen in previous films.


The first question that comes up seeing Loki in his golden Thor armor is will fans see Loki revisit his time in Asgard during the first Thor film? It's certainly within the wheelhouse that the show sees to be taking place him . Then again, though, he could be visiting an Asgard of an entirely different universe/timeline.

As for where Tom Hiddleston's Loki is location-wise, well,  there's no denying the fact that it clearly looks Asgardian in design. As the above images show, Marvel isn't afraid to switch up its designs. So, it wouldn't be past them for the gang to have done it again for its appearance in Loki .

It would seem that Asgard has a very active and indecisive interior designer. Just look at the huge shift in designs of Asgard as a whole throughout the three films. Whoever they are, Surtur's idea for a makeover didn't sit too well.

Loki will begin streaming on Disney+ on June 11, 2021.

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