Black Panther: Chadwick Boseman Acted During Chemo: 'He Honored All the Contracts'

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Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther

Everyone was shocked at the news of Chadwick Boseman's passing from colon cancer, which resulted in an outpouring of adoration and tributes to the actor. Even after his death, Boseman has been winning awards posthumously, such as an Emmy for his role in What If...?.

Even days before D23, it was revealed that alongside people like Anthony Anderson, Kristen Bell, Rob't Coltrin, and many more, Chadwick Boseman would be a recipient of a Disney Legend Award. Such an award is only given to those who leave an immense impact on the Disney Legacy.

At D23, the late actor’s brother, Derrick Boseman, accepted the award in his place.

Honoring Chadwick Boseman

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At D23, Chadwick Boseman was presented with a posthumous Disney Legend Award, which was accepted by his brother, Pastor Derrick Boseman, who gave a speech in honor of his brother.

"When I heard that Disney wanted to honor Chad, the first word that came to mind for me was the word honor," Boseman opened.

Boseman reflected on the word and how the dictionary defined it as "a good name." Then, as a preacher, he went to the scripture, which said, "A good name is relatively chosen than great riches and loving favor rather than silver and gold."

He continued, lamenting about the passing of his brother, "As I think about my brother and this honor that's being bestowed upon him" and that "I wish that he was here to receive it."

Chadwick's passing has "been a point of immense pain for my whole family," but he recalled in life that his brother "honored our parents, how he honored his family, how he honored even his friends."

Boseman even saw how his brother "made sure that his friends also have good careers." As for careers, when it came to contracts, Chadwick "honored all the contracts that he signed:"

"...he honored all the contracts that he signed, except for the last one, but he honored them with his blood, his sweat, his tears..."

Chadwick's brother also pointed out that "as he played these roles," the actor "was taking chemo at the same time. Some of these roles that had him doing things that were physical."

“Chad was an amazing person,” his brother continued. Derrick ends his speech thanking everyone "for honoring my brother" and that their parents should also be legends as "it takes a king and queen to create a king:"

 “Plato is credited with coining the phrase that ‘art imitates life.’ But Oscar Wilde came behind him and said, ‘Life imitates art.’ And in Chad’s case, it seems that life is imitating art. If we pay attention in this thing called storytelling, a story is being told to us all… Thank you for honoring my brother. I want to say say: Chad, we’ll always love you. And mom and dad will always love you. To me, mom and daddy are also legends. Because it takes a king and a queen to create a king.”

An Inspiration to All Around Him

Some fans might remember Derrick Boseman from nearly two years ago when he commented about how his brother would have felt about T'Challa being recast. However, that topic has long passed, with Marvel Studios confirming that T'Challa will be dead in Wakanda Forever.

As for Boseman's speech about his brother, it was beautiful to hear how much Chadwick would think about others around him, especially being supportive of his friends and their careers. Everyone will miss Boseman dearly and remember how much he inspired others on and off the screen.

Fans will see how Chadwick Boseman is honored in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, releasing in theaters on November 11.

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