Marvel Studios Developing Secret Warriors Movie or Show

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"Secret Warriors" project in development at Marvel Studios

After the scripts for She-Hulk , Moon Knight , and presumably the rest of the other already-announced Disney+ shows already officially announced have finished, Marvel Studios seems to be plowing ahead with more projects. Even before writing had finished, there were already rumors of other Disney+ shows like one about the Secret Invasion event and another starring the character America Chavez.

But, now, it seems as if the floodgates have opened, as this week alone has brought new rumors of Ironheart being in development, along Ghost Rider. However, it is unsure whether or not they will be shows on Disney+ or movies, which is the same case for this new project in development.


More information has leaked, found by GWW, that reports that Marvel Studios is working on a new project related to Secret Warriors . Nothing else about the project is known other than it is in search of a writer and that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is producing it. Whether this would be a Disney+ show or movie is anyone's guess, just like with Ironheart and Ghost Rider


In the comics, the "Secret Warriors" team name has been used multiple times, but the most prominent was its first use and purpose. Formed by Nick Fury after he was ousted as Director of SHIELD, he intended this group to combat the growing Skrull threat which had infiltrated Earth. This would actually line up perfectly with the previously rumored Secret Invasion show, along with growing speculation of Captain Marvel 2 being a Secret Invasion movie.

"You put together the Secret Warriors Initiative for a reason."

However, a little more controversially, this name has already been used in the show Agents of SHIELD when Daisy Johnson was part of a team of miscellaneous Inhumans. This means that this new project could make or break whether or not the show is canonical to the rest of the MCU. It's entirely possible that this project could completely ignore what Agents of SHIELD has already established and not include Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson, instead recasting the role.

This could also present an opportunity to fully link the theatrical MCU with ABC's MCU and finally establish Agents of SHIELD as canonical to the movies. However, this may be unlikely since Feige wasn't involved with Agents of SHIELD at any point.

Only time will tell when this project gets further along in development.

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