Avengers: Endgame's Linda Cardellini Wants to Return to the MCU in a Big Way

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Wife of "Hawkeye" Laura Barton, Played by Linda Cardellini, Talks About Role in MCU

Linda Cardellini, star of Netflix's latest hit show, Dead Like Me , was first introduced as Clint Barton's secret wife, Laura, in Avengers: Age of Ultron and was last seen in Avengers: Endgame. She acted as Clint's normal life away from his superhero one. When her and the rest of his family are turned to dust by Thanos, he loses himself to his superhero life, becoming Ronin, and essentially beginning a killing spree of criminals and those he deemed unworthy to have survived Thanos' actions.

In a recent interview with Collider, Linda Cardellini expresses excitement at being able to be part of such a large franchise and what possibilities there could be for her character in the future.


In a preview for an upcoming interview with Collider , Linda Cardellini was asked about what her expectations were for the character of Laura Barton when she first played the role in Age of Ultron and if there is potentially more for the character:

“I mean, you know, it was one of those things where I was sort of brought into the universe and it truly is its own universe. It’s its own entity with this fandom that is incredible and to be part of it is, I don’t know, it’s pretty fun. My daughter’s friends love it. It’s one of those kinds of things, you know? So it’s always fun. I mean, would I love to see a Laura Barton movie? Sure! But I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think people are more interested in the superheroes.”


As the actress herself states, Marvel Studios won't make a movie about her minor supporting character, but from how she talks about the role, she still seems very much invested in playing the character if the studio were to ask. That doesn't exclude her from appearing in the Hawkeye series as a supporting character to Clint and Kate or other later movies.

Considering her character represents the ideal normal life for Clint Barton, like Perri Nemiroff says, she also represents a unique perspective within the wild and untamed world of the MCU filled with cosmic wonders and superheroes. So, who knows? If she does end up appearing in the future, like in the Hawkeye series, her character might end up getting a little more focus.

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