Warner Bros. Pokes Fun at Batman v. Superman Disappointment in Animaniacs Episode

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Animaniacs with Batman and Superman

Nearly two years ago, a reboot of Animaniacs was announced with a two-season straight to series order at Hulu. Animaniacs released all 13-episodes of its first season on Hulu on November 20 , to a great reception from old and new fans.

For those unfamiliar with this 90s cartoon series, it was a comedy produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. The show focused on the many antics of the Warner Brothers and their sister Dot, causing chaos and making topical pop culture commentary and jokes.

In the newest reboot, this trend hasn't changed, as the show makes fun of one of Zack Snyder's biggest superhero movies.


On November 20, the reboot of Animaniacs and its first season was released on Hulu. In the "Good Warner Hunting" segment of episode 5, Animaniacs pokes fun at the disappointment general audiences felt towards Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice .

The scene is framed around a tour guide with a group as they drive around the Warner Bros. studio lot.

"And if you look to your left, you'll see the soundstage where they filmed Batman ..." which results in the tour group to being cooing in excitement, believing that the tour guide is talking about Tim Burton's Batman , until she completes her sentence "...versus Superman!" resulting in groans from the tour group instead.


Keep in mind, as the first episode of this rebooted Animaniacs pointed out, these episodes were written over two years ago. So, fans shouldn't think that Warner Bros. is intentionally poking fun at Zack Snyder just as his cut of Justice League is set to release on HBO Max next year.

Fans of the original should know that this type of humor is completely consistent with Animaniacs . Mocking pop culture, trends, themselves, and even their own fans are their bread and butter. However, if this joke does end up angering or annoying some fans, they should really expect a visit from the Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation.

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