WandaVision: Elizabeth Olsen Addresses Villain Mystery In Marvel Series

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Warning — This article contains minor spoilers for WandaVision.

It was reported as a rumor over a year ago that Nightmare would end up being the villain of WandaVision , but any appearances from the Doctor Strange villain have been non-existent in the two-episode premiere. It would certainly make sense, as WandaVision will lead directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

Fans had already come up with theories about Nightmare's involvement , even before WandaVision was released. In fact, the second trailer for Marvel Studios' first show, which debuted at Disney's Investor Day presentation, hinted that someone was doing all this to Wanda . In a recent interview, Elizabeth Olsen said that the antagonist not being immediately obvious is part of the mystery.


Speaking with Toronto Sun , Elizabeth Olsen was asked whether WandaVision will have an antagonist, as the interviewer notes there wasn't any apparent antagonist after watching three episodes.

Olsen says that the lack of an obvious antagonist helps continue the “mystery” on WandaVision and that she hopes it will continue until the inevitable reveal:

“Usually when you watch these Marvel movies, you know when the villain is going to appear and you kind of know the villain before you even watch it because of the trailers or the story. But, at the end of episode three, you still don’t know what or who the villain is with our show. I would love that mystery to continue for as long as we can, until it’s revealed or whatever is revealed.”


Well, that interviewer essentially spoiled that fans still won't know who the antagonist of WandaVision will be even by the third episode, which is releasing this Friday. However, that doesn't mean that there won't be more clues for fans to dissect and perhaps get closer to discovering who is messing with Wanda.

It could also be Elizabeth Olsen playing coy in that Wanda will end up as her own worst enemy and that she's doing all of this to herself. Audiences have already seen in the first two episodes that Wanda seems to, consciously or not, control these sitcom realities, from literally rewinding events to jumping into different eras. Wanda's own self-sabotage could even be part of the plan of whomever or whatever ends up being the antagonist of WandaVision .

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