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WandaVision Leak Reveals New Image From Upcoming Halloween Episode

Wanda Vision Halloween Costumes
By Pierre Chanliau

By far, the most anticipated episode of WandaVision for fans has been the '90s episode, which was framed as a Halloween episode and represented a tipping point for the show. Additionally, this episode will be influenced by Malcolm in the Middle , which also had two Halloween specials.

As seen from the first trailer , this will be the episode that Vision learns the horrible truth from Kathryn Hahn's Agnes that he is, in fact, dead. Paul Bettany has already said that the last three episodes of WandaVision will have some big battles and action typically seen in the MCU.

A new image from the next episode shows a good look at the pair's homemade costumes for Halloween.


The title image for Episode 6 of WandaVision has leaked , showing the happy couple wearing the ironic costumes seen in the trailers.

Wanda Vision Halloween WandaVision
Marvel Studios

It seems like Wanda and Vision are reacting to something in front of them, likely Billy and Tommy.


At the end of the last episode, “On A Very Special Episode...,” Vision became wise to what Wanda has done and demanded answers. One of them is why there are no children in Westview, a topic that was even its own ominous mantra during the second episode.

The looks that Vision gives in the trailer as he's walking around in his costume now have very different meanings, likely now concerned that there are suddenly children.

Did Wanda create them as she did with Billy and Tommy, change Westview citizens into children, or were kids pulled into the Hex? It would explain the alarm that sounded when Peter Evans' Quicksilver appeared on Wanda's doorstep.

Whatever ends up being the case, it wouldn't be a surprise if Vision begins to rebel against Wanda once he learns the truth.

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