WandaVision: New Footage Shows Wanda Being Spied On By SWORD

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Wanda on SWORD TV, Wanda in 90s attire

After an eighteen-month drought, Marvel Studios is finally back with new content in the form of its first Disney+ series, WandaVision. And with the series' release structure of one episode per week, fans get to experience the excitement of a new MCU project for virtually nine weeks straight!

WandaVision is currently three epsidoes into its nine-episode arc, and so far, it's been all build-up. However, a new trailer seems to promise some seriously strange progression in the coming installments as new footage shows that WandaVision is only going to get bigger.


Two days before Episode 4 of WandaVision drops, a new TV spot for the Disney+ series debuted offering numerous new shots from the show, many of which seem to be from the upcoming episode given the apparent 80s setting.

The trailer's main focus seems to be on how SWORD is continuing to surveil Wanda, and trying to find different ways into her alternate reality. The new footage also continues to highlight Vision's increasing anxiety about his new home in Westview.


WandaVision TV Spot
Marvel Studios

The trailer gives several looks at Wanda Maximoff jumping to yet another decade, this time in 90s grunge style. In the several times she's shown, she looks worried and out of place, familiar to how fans have seen her through the first three episodes of the series.

What's more intriguing is that SWORD is shown spying on Wanda in this 90s appearance, showing that the new organization has likely kept up with Wanda through the decades of television sitcom settings she's scrolled through.

WandaVision TV Spot
Marvel Studios

Unless Wanda stops following the years linearly, Episode 4 of WandaVision is going to be covering the 80s era before fans see them arrive in the 90s. So it's likely that this trailer is a combination of footage from the next few episodes, but a very important conversation between Wanda and Vision in this new footage will likely be the focal point of the fourth installment in the series.


WandaVision TV Spot
Marvel Studios

The trailer's alternate focus seems to be on Vision's growing suspicions about his newfound home. Viewers hear Vision utter, "I think something's wrong here," which is a recognizable line from the show's third episode that prompted Wanda to make some reality-altering changes.

But then a different conversation between the odd couple immediately follows. Wanda says that "there's no need to get dramatic," to which Vision responds, "did you really not see what I saw?" As Vision is asking this question, the trailer shows him donning a dashing new look, hinting that his escalating concerns will be addressed in "Episode 4's" 80s setting.

The trailer then cuts back to Wanda and Vision in their 70s attire, and the Scarlett Witch assures Vision that she has "everything under control" (the second time she's made that promise to date).

Speaking of Vision and his new look, the 80s getup won't be the only new style the synthezoid will sport in the coming episodes. Vision is also shown in his full Avenging getup that fans easily recognize from his past MCU appearances, and he seems to be investigating the supposed barrier that surrounds Westview.

WandaVision TV Spot
Marvel Studios

Notably, Vision appears to be alone while inspecting the barrier. This may be a clue that Vision is becoming more suspicious, and he may suspect that he can't even trust Wanda with his concerns.

Also worth noting is that the barrier is blue, indicating that Vision is looking at it from the inside, rather than its red exterior. The trailer gives fans yet another look at the outside of the energy wall, as SWORD seemingly just tries to drive right through it with an armored vehicle.

WandaVision TV Spot
Marvel Studios

This could be alluding to the possibility of SWORD becoming desparate and using any means necessary to get through the barrier, hinting that more trouble is on the way that demands their immediate assistance.

The front of the vehicle also seems to match with a still of a SWORD cockpit that was shown in a separate WandaVision promo released the same day , teasing that this bold effort to enter Westview may play out sooner rather than later.

But it's important to note that although fans may already have two separate looks at this scene, neither look reveals if the vehicle actually makes it through the barrier or not, leaving the integrity and origin of the barrier a mystery.

WandaVision TV Spot
Marvel Studios

The new trailer can be seen in its entirety in the tweet below:

This new footage gave fans a lot to unpack in the days leading up to WandaVision's fourth episode. As the decades of television keep rolling, hopefully fans are finally met with some answers as the series reaches the near-halfway point.

But for now, fans have to ask: Why is SWORD trying to get to Wanda so bad? And why haven't they been able to yet?

Some of this will hopefully be revealed when WandaVision continues on Friday, January 29.

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