WandaVision: New Scene Hints at Spaceship Action

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WandaVision continues to build its mysterious narrative, with three thrilling episodes now available on Disney+.

One of the characters fueling the intrigue is Kathryn Hahn's Agnes, whose unseen husband is raising many questions among fans. The nosy neighbor was acting a bit strange during "Episode 3," though fans will have to keep watching to find out what could be troubling her.

Another unknown is Teyonah Parris' Geraldine, who was the subject of the third episode's climax in addition to a funky '70s-style poster . Parris' role seems to become increasingly more important as the series goes on, as she is seen inspecting the barrier between Wanda's reality and the real world in a new clip.

New footage from the Marvel series has now surfaced, which hints at the grander story beyond Wanda's sitcom world...


A new WandaVision promo features a brief clip of a pilot commanding some sort of air or spacecraft.

The figure wears a sturdy helmet in addition to thick astronaut-like gloves, while at the helm of some sort of ship. Outside, red energy surges around the craft, in addition to the same television static seen when Monica Rambeau was flung out of Wanda's reality.

WandaVision Helicopter
From WandaVision

The full teaser can be watched below:


The pilot in question is likely to be Monica Rambeau, being the only character in WandaVision to have the skill set necessary to pilot this sort of aircraft. Rambeau is the daughter of fighter pilot Maria Rambeau from Captain Marvel , so she may have learned a thing or two since we last saw her.

The red energy certainly seems to imply that this ship is attempting to infiltrate Wanda's reality. A helicopter was previously seen in teaser footage , which could correlate with the SWORD logo-bearing toy that Wanda finds in "Episode 2."

Could this ship and the helicopter be one and the same? Perhaps this clip will be from a flashback that details how Monica got into Wanda's reality, using the helicopter to enter the barrier. "Episode 3" ended on SWORD showing themselves loud and proud, so there is a good chance that they will get more focus going forward.

As Monica was altered to fit in with Wanda's reality upon entering, being given a role in the sitcom, perhaps the helicopter could have been changed to acclimate with the environment without Wanda realizing it.

Interestingly, Monica Rambeau only appears in WandaVision in "Episode 2," being completely absent from the season premiere. The character only shows up after Wanda has found the toy helicopter as well. This could establish a timeline of when exactly Monica entered Wanda's reality, being the cause of the loud noises that scare a frightful Wanda and Vision at the start of the second episode.

Hopefully, these questions will be answered in the fourth episode of WandaVision, which will premiere on Disney+ January 29, 2021.

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