Marvel's WandaVision: New Footage Reveals Clues About Scarlet Witch's Reality

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WandaVision is going to be quite the ride, and fans are strapping in with very little detail about what they're signing up for. 

With just a couple short weeks to go until the first MCU series hits Disney+, little is still known about how exactly WandaVision will explain its sitcom-based story. Wanda seems to be in some sort of trance, and whether she's controlling it or not, her reality keeps shifting and changing. 

A new WandaVision trailer dropped that gave fans a much different look at what the show will entail, but it also included a familiar detail from a previous WandaVision trailer. What's interesting, though, is that the new trailer also seems to include a totally different look at what could be the exact same detail, which could help explain how exactly Wanda's new world operates. 


In a new WandaVision teaser trailer leading up to the debut of the Disney+ series, a new theory has presented itself that makes some sense of how exactly Wanda's new reality works.

In the trailer, Wanda discovers a toy helicopter in the bushes of what's assumed to be her own front yard. While Wanda and her surroundings appear in black and white to viewers during this shot, the toy helicopter is a very vibrant red with a distinct yellow SWORD logo on its front. 

Later on in the trailer, fans will see a shot from a previous WandaVision trailer that showed a full-scale helicopter also sporting the SWORD logo. The chopper was shown quickly approaching the outskirts of Wanda's Westview, but with an eerie red haze of smoke and what appears to resemble TV static, teasing that Wanda's reality may very well be a physical setting that one can step into. 

The theory that connects to the two helicopters is that they are actually the same helicopter, shown before and after entering Wanda's distorted reality, alluding that anything that enters Wanda's reality turns into a product of that reality, and even gets as specific as to match what era Wanda is currently in. 

A comparison of the two shots showing both helicopters can be viewed below. 

Helicopter, Wanda holding red toy Helicopter
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WandaVision doesn't even debut until later this month, but this isn't the first time that confusion has accompanied that mysterious SWORD logo.

In the second WandaVision trailer that was released, fans saw Monica Rambeau at Wanda's front door wearing the SWORD logo on a necklace. The catch was that Wanda didn't recognize Monica, and when Wanda asked Monica who she was, Monica didn't seem to know either. 

A common theory is that Monica Rambeau existed outside of Wanda's reality and was then somehow transported into it. Considering Rambeau's known ties to SWORD, it's safe to assume that her involvement in this beautiful mess was hardly coincidental. However, whether she was sucked into Wanda's reality or went in voluntarily, Monica became a product of that reality - so much so that she lost sense of her own identity. 

The helicopter that fans saw hurling towards the red haze in the new trailer could have suffered a similar fate. The helicopter was found tail-up in a bush, hinting that it fell into the bush from above.

Audio from a previous WandaVision trailer hinted that FBI agent Jimmy Woo was trying to communicate with Wanda from a distance; perhaps the helicopter could have contained a rescue team - maybe even Monica Rambeau herself - and was pulled into Wanda's trance in order to prevent them from pulling Wanda out of it. 

It's still unclear who exactly is pulling the strings and making Wanda live through decades of seemingly senseless day-to-day life, but it contains enough desirable elements for Wanda to accept it, at least at first.

But seeing Wanda's bewilderment at the colorful toy helicopter in her yard, combined with the many other times Wanda has seemed puzzled or downright lost in these WandaVision trailers, points more towards someone else fabricating this world that Wanda is living in. The colored helicopter could be a clue that this reality is less than perfect in design, and that Wanda is slowly starting to realize that something is wrong. 

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