WandaVision Leak Indicates How Monica Rambeau Enters Scarlet Witch Reality

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Monica Rambeau, SWORD truck.

Warning — This article contains spoilers for WandaVision .

No other MCU property has showcased Wanda Maximoff's true abilities quite like Marvel Studios' newest series WandaVision . The Disney+ show follows the Sokovian superhero and her android partner, as the two live out various sitcom-type plots that harken back to different eras of American television.

WandaVision 's most recent episode entered the 1970s, which featured some exciting revelations about the show's characters and the reality they find themselves in. The series' stars have already begun teasing that the upcoming chapters will provide some answers as well as a shift in the narrative's perspective .

A recent teaser for an upcoming episode featured a brief look at a vehicle seemingly entering Wanda's pocket reality. The person behind the wheel was speculated to be Tayanah Parris' Geraldine/ Monica Rambeau, and now a new leaked image is providing some more clues about the context of the footage and the identity of the driver.


A leaked look at a new WandaVision Funko Pop via Twitter has revealed what appears to be Monica Rambeau in a SWORD spacesuit. The figure can be seen in the tweet below:

The outfit on this Pop also seemingly matches that of a driver seen operating this vehicle, which has appeared in some WandaVision TV spots:

(Marvel Studios)
(Marvel Studios)


It looks as though Monica Rambeau is the one driving this mysterious teaser vehicle after all. This seemingly is one of the few ways to enter Wanda's reality. Others have also tried a helicopter and a manhole , but neither succeeded in actually infiltrating the neighborhood of Westview as Monica did.

The only question now is, at what point in the series does Monica drive this reality-breaking cyber truck? The character could possibly end up using this as an attempt to re-enter the barrier after the events of last week's episode.

Another likely scenario is that this is actually Monica crossing over into Wanda's reality for the first time, and audiences may see the previous events of WandaVision through Rambeau's perspective.

Monica's exposure to Wanda's unstable energy could even provide the origins to her comic book counterpart's energy-blasting superpowers. The SWORD agent might begin developing her abilities throughout the season's run, and eventually lead the story to a climactic confrontation between Scarlet Witch and Monica Rambeau.

However, Rambeau ends up playing into the story's overall narrative, it's clear that WandaVision still has plenty of exciting secrets hidden up its scarlet sleeves.

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