WandaVision: New Episode 4 Image Shows Ant-Man and the Wasp's Jimmy Woo

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Warning — This article contains spoilers for WandaVision .

Marvel Studios' new series WandaVision is only three episodes in, but the show is already garnering plenty of praise from fans and critics alike. Last week's 1970s Brady Bunch- inspired chapter raised plenty of new questions surrounding the mysteries of Wanda's life in Westview, and the spin-off's stars have since promised some exciting reveals are coming soon .

One of the most intriguing elements of the show is the involvement of a mysterious new organization, SWORD. Though SWORD has only been referenced in brief moments, it's clear so far that the group is monitoring Wanda's pocket reality in order to help free Ms. Maximoff or even the residents of Westview; however, information about their motives and what they know are still being kept a secret.

One of the show's titular stars Elizabeth Olsen recently stated that the next episode will be shifting perspectives from Wanda's sitcoms, and a new still is teasing that SWORD, and a few familiar faces will finally be entering the weird world of WandaVision .


A new WandaVision still from Disney+ reveals Randall Park's Jimmy Woo (who was last seen in 2018's Ant-Man and the Wasp) standing next to Teyonah Parris' Geraldine/ Monica Rambeau. Parris' character is no longer in her 1970s attire of Episode 3, and is now sporting a full SWORD uniform, as the two agents seemingly stand outside the barrier to Wanda's reality.

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While SWORD has only been seen in WandaVision through brief moments such as the organization's logo appearing on a toy helicopter, the season's first episode being watched through a SWORD monitor, and a beekeeper that shook Wanda to her core, it appears that the next episode will finally reveal what exactly this agency is up to.

With Monica Rambeau no longer being inside of Wanda's pocket reality, she will more than likely be briefing SWORD on everything she encountered, and the degree of danger Wanda poses to everyone else. Jimmy Woo's previous experience with physics-defying superheroes possibly explains his involvement in this case, as he teams up with Rambeau in order to accomplish their mission.

The photo more than likely takes place at the same time as a moment from a previous teaser, where Monica Rambeau was seen examining the barrier to Wanda's reality . A recently released TV spot also teased a vehicle going through red energy , so perhaps the fourth episode will focus mostly on SWORD's efforts to break back into this quickly-changing reality.

Now that these organizations are attempting at crossing over into another world, maybe it's time they call on a certain intern who's had experience with a cosmic-traveling being as well.

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