WandaVision Star Reveals Original Version of Wanda vs. Monica Scene

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“Episode 7" of WandaVision finally gave much-needed answers to some of the show's treasure chest of mysteries. In surprising (and wacky) fashion, the latest installment revealed the true identity of Kathryn Hahn's nosy neighbor as powerful witch Agatha Harkness, but this wasn't the only mind-blowing development that the series unraveled.

After numerous hints in previous episodes , “Breaking the Fourth Wall” confirmed the arrival of a new MCU hero in the form of Monica Rambeau. In retrospect, a good chunk of the real-world scenes from WandaVision basically tells the origin story of Monica, and this was further amplified by the character's choice of helping Wanda instead of opposing her.

The dynamic between the two characters has been one of the central plot points of WandaVision , and the pair's standoff in the last episode was an essential stepping stone regarding character development for both of them.

While fans wait for the next chapter of Wanda and Monica's relationship, a new interview has emerged, adding more insight into the character's evolution.


While speaking with Marvel.com , Teyonah Parris, who plays Monica Rambeau in WandaVision , discussed her character's heroic transformation in the show.

When asked about Monica's superhero landing moment from “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” the Candyman actress hilariously pointed out that her hips “still hurt” from that intense confrontation while also acknowledging that the character “has become a bit of a throwing doll” throughout the hit MCU series:

“My hips still hurt from that! There were so many times myself, Matt, and [head writer] Jac [Schaeffer], and [executive producer] Mary [Livanos] had these conversations where we're like well, at this point Monica has become a bit of a throwing doll. She's just gotten ejected, and sucked in, and thrown out, and all of these things. And so now that she's passed through the Hex for the umpteenth time, how does [Wanda’s powers] affect her?”

Parris then continued by sharing that she was originally “supposed to get thrown to the ground” in her scene with Wanda, but the actress revealed that they came up with the idea to showcase Monica's powers “a little bit” by featuring the impressive landing:

“Originally, I was supposed to get thrown to the ground. And then we kind of came up with the idea of, well, what if Monica is able to now kind of harness the powers a little bit? And so we landed on that landing. That was the first moment where I really got to feel like, ‘ooh, a Super Hero.’”


It's no secret that Monica has been through a lot in WandaVision. Many would agree with Parris' comments that the character “has become a bit of a throwing doll,” but it's safe to say that it was all worth it, especially after Monica's impressive heroic moments in “Episode 7.”

No doubt, Monica's transformation as Spectrum was a powerful moment, mainly due to the inclusion of noteworthy lines of dialogue from several important people in her life such as Carol Danvers and her mom, Maria. In many ways, the famed superhero landing after being blasted by perhaps the most powerful Avenger is a fitting introduction to make everyone aware that she can stand toe-to-toe with anyone.

Due to Monica's confirmed involvement in Captain Marvel 2 , it is pretty much guaranteed that she will play a vital role in the larger narrative of the MCU after WandaVision. It's also possible that the character will be featured in other projects, like Secret Invasion and Ironheart, to potentially showcase more of her heroic potential.

From a kid dreaming about being a hero from 2019's Captain Marvel to becoming an actual force of good, Monica's journey has been an inspiring one, to say the least.

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