Captain Marvel 2 Director Reacts To WandaVision's Latest Episode

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Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, Brie Larson as Carol Danvers

Warning — This article contains major spoilers for WandaVision

After a slow and blissful start, WandaVision is now raising the stakes, providing viewers with concrete answers like never before. “Episode 7 - Breaking the Fourth Wall” kicked into high gear in terms of confirming numerous fan theories while also showcasing the origin story of Phase 4's newest hero in the form of Monica Rambeau. 

Monica's heroic transformation in WandaVision is vital to the larger storyline of the MCU, considering that the character will show up next in Brie Larson's Captain Marvel 2 in 2022. Directed by Nia DaCosta, the sequel is poised to show how Carol Danvers' relationship with Monica developed throughout the years. 

While fans wait for Monica's eventual clash with the evil forces that are controlling Westview in WandaVision, the veteran director from the Captain Marvel sequel has revealed her thoughts about the inaugural Phase 4 entry. 


In a series of tweets, Captain Marvel 2 director Nia DaCosta shared her reaction towards some scenes from “Episode 7” of WandaVision

First, the director pointed out that the “lav attached to the Vision['s] costume” in one of the fourth wall moments of the show, admitting that this sequence “really took [her] out.” 

For context, DaCosta is referring to a lavalier microphone, which is the type of mic that Vision unclips in the episode.

Replying to a fan from Twitter about the episode having a plethora of amazing moments, the Candyman director agreed by saying: 



The fourth wall antics of the lead characters of WandaVision are the highlight of “Episode 7,” and DaCosta is clearly a fan of these shenanigans. Due to the nature of Vision's body, the fact that the lavalier microphone seamlessly attached to him is a hilarious moment in its own right, especially considering that the character almost died in the previous episode as he slowly disintegrated. 

It's also worth noting that DaCosta and Teyonah Parris worked together in Candyman, and these tweets could be the director's way of supporting her lead star. 

From a different point of view, it seems that the director is closely keeping tabs on Monica's journey in WandaVision. Naturally, this is a given, but the more intriguing part of all of this is how Monica's appearance could lead to the events of Captain Marvel 2.  

It's relatively unknown if Monica will appear in another project aside from Captain Marvel 2 after WandaVision, so this MCU series will no doubt lay the groundwork for the character's involvement in the upcoming sequel. Given the chain of events, the most likely connection is Monica's acceptance of the superhero mantle, and this could define the character's status when she reunites with Danvers in the film. 

Given Kamala Khan's inclusion in Captain Marvel 2, it's also possible that Monica will make a surprise appearance in the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series. Admittedly, it makes narrative sense if the S.W.O.R.D. agent will indeed show up to guide Kamala in her own heroic transition, ultimately paving the way for the two characters to have an established dynamic before the sequel. 

Overall, DaCosta's remarks serve as a major step in building more hype for both WandaVision and Captain Marvel 2 moving forward. 

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