Justice League's Zack Snyder to Appear In Upcoming DC Show

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Justice League's Zack Snyder to Appear In Upcoming DC Show

Warner Bros. Discovery is starting a trend by including its former and current film directors as guest stars in DC cartoons. Not only will Harley Quinn have an episode about director James Gunn helming an in-universe bio-pic about Thomas Wayne, but now, former DCEU director Zack Snyder will make a guest appearance in another DC cartoon show.

However, it has become a tad awkward with the recent controversy of Rolling Stone's latest report claiming that Snyder had threatened to direct his fans to attack producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg on social media. Of course, the Batman vs Superman director denied these allegations and said, "I do not control my fans," along with actor Ray Fisher calling it a "hit piece."

So, while there also won't be news of the Snyderverse at San Diego Comic-Con, there was one bit of news about Snyder, albeit not something his fans would expect: a guest appearance on Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Track Down Snyder

The Hollywood Reporter learned at the Teen Titans Go! panel at San Diego Comic-Con that former DCEU director Zack Snyder will appear as himself in the cartoon's 365th episode, titled, "365!"

Teen Titans Go Zack Snyder
Warner Bros. Discovery

In it, the immature team of teens goes to the Warner Bros. Studio lot to find a director to ensure their 365th episode is extra special. Snyder himself even chimed in on the news and how he's "so excited to be a special guest" on the upcoming episode:

"Hey DC fans! I am so excited to be a special guest in an upcoming episode of Teen Titans Go! Check it out THIS FALL on Cartoon Network.

It will be interesting to see what direction the show will take when portraying Snyder and his interaction with the chaotic titans.

Parody or Send-Up of Zack Snyder

At this point, Teen Titans Go! is most famous for a scene in the theatrical film depicting Robin and the rest of the Titans correcting the timeline by pushing Bruce Wayne's parents into Crime Alley. Upon both being gunned down, Robin gives an enthusiastic thumbs up at his team as a young Bruce looks on in horror.

Regardless of what came before, Teen Titans Go! is a parody series that pokes fun at not just itself or DC films, but even the comics. Last year, the cartoon guest starred writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez, the two who pushed the Teen Titans into stardom and created Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven.

The episode heaped deserved praise on the two while also poking fun at their creative process. So, it's likely that Zack Snyder's appearance on the show will be similar, with maybe Snyder poking fun at himself and his serious takes on Superman and Batman but also reflecting on his career as a director.

If Snyder fans are interested in seeing the director voicing himself, the episode "365!" will premiere on Cartoon Network this Fall.

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