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The character of Harley Quinn has received a popularity boost in these last few years, so much so that she could easily be considered among the most popular DC villains/anti-heroes of all time. Margot Robbie's portrayal played a massive part in that status quo shift. From there, she then went on to get her own animated spin-off - something not even the Joker has been able to do.

That spinoff show, titled Harley Quinn, has seen the Joker's right hand separate from her abusive partner to find her own way in the criminal world. In doing so, the character has shown audiences the DC Comics universe in an entirely new light.

The show's third season is just around the corner, and with Harley and Poison Ivy now on their official honeymoon, there will almost certainly be more shenanigans than ever before. Now, thanks to an announcement from the star of the series, the wait for an official release date for the new episodes is finally over.

Harley Quinn Finds a July Return

Kaley Cuoco, the star of HBO Max's Harley Quinn, announced on Instagram that the show will be returning for its third season on July 28. 

Included in the post was Season's 3 trailer, featuring a long list of DC cameos, including Amanda Waller, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet, The Court of Owls, and even The Suicide Squad director James Gunn himself.

Waller can be seen having been knapped by Harley herself, for who knows what reason.

Harley Quinn, Ivy, Amanda Waller
DC Comics

Ivy and Quinn are flying around in celebration thanks to Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet.

Harley Quinn, Ivy, Invisible Woman
DC Comics

Swamp Thing is getting action outside of his marshy home.

Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, Ivy
DC Comics

Batman and Catwoman have some fun off the clock and in uniform.

Harley Quinn, Batman, Catwoman
DC Comics

The Court of Owls reveal their unique party to an unsuspecting Quinn and Ivy.

Harley Quinn, Court of Owls
DC Comics

Then there's James Gunn himself, who previously revealed that he will be making a Thomas Wayne biopic in the Harley Quinn universe.

Harley Quinn, James Gunn
DC Comics

The entire promo can be seen below.


Season 3 Is Going to be a Wild Ride

Harley Quinn has always been crazy, but this third season seems like it'll take it to an entirely different level. Did anyone truly expect the Court of Owls to host a massive orgy across Gotham City? Or Swamp Thing to be getting lucky?

One of the best parts of the trailer was seeing the brief scenes of Batman and Catwoman, which is almost certainly the gag that was previously revealed to have seen Catwoman receiving oral pleasure from Batman himself. It's unclear if the scene remains with minor changes, or if they were able to have their original vision - maybe this new bit is in response to jokes which spread across the internet after it was originally teased.

Of course, another big aspect of the upcoming season is the inclusion of James Gunn himself. While his involvement was previously revealed, many might have still been shocked to see it actually unfold in the trailer. There's no doubt James Gunn probably had an exceedingly good time in Harley Quinn's world.

Harley Quinn's third season will premiere July 28, only on HBO Max.

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