Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn Return Teased By DC Director

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Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn

Director James Gunn blasted back onto the comic book movie scene in 2021 with his work on the reboot/sequel The Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. Amongst A-list newcomers like John Cena’s Peacemaker and Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, this unique R-rated romp also brought back one of DC’s biggest fan favorites in Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

Amongst the changing landscape for Warner Bros’ DC slate, Robbie boasts one of the longest current runs within the DC Extended Universe as the wild and psychotic Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Along with both Suicide Squad movies, Robbie also has her own solo film under her belt in Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, and her portrayal is still widely popular considering what DC has on the table in the present day.

The big question now, with so much up in the air for the DC universe, is when exactly fans will see Robbie return to one of her most iconic roles. Well, if James Gunn has anything to say about it, it will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

James Gunn Campaigns for Harley Quinn Comeback

Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn

The Suicide Squad director/writer James Gunn took to Twitter to express his desire to see Margot Robbie return to the DC Extended Universe as Harley Quinn.

A fan asked Warner Bros and Gunn to “please bring Harley back for another project," to which Gunn simply replied “Not a bad idea.” Gunn previously worked with Robbie’s Harley Quinn on 2021’s The Suicide Squad.

Gunn and Robbie's working relationship has been well documented in the past, with Gunn even accommodating some of Robbie's requests to change certain things about Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad

The two with one another as far back as early 2021 about reuniting for another Harley Quinn project, with Gunn hinting that fans "will have to wait and see" what happens with the character. Gunn has also admitted to discussing a potential Harley Quinn/Groot spin-off with both Marvel and DC, allowing Quinn to return to the role and allowing him to mesh his two comic book movie worlds together.

Gunn Ready for Harley Quinn Return

James Gunn and Margot Robbie built an impressively strong relationship with one another on The Suicide Squad during Gunn’s momentary transition from Marvel to DC. The filmmaker even proclaimed her to be the best actress he’s ever worked with in his career - an incredible bit of praise from one of the biggest directors in the industry today.

Robbie’s run as Harley Quinn is undoubtedly popular amongst fans and critics, as she became synonymous with the role immediately upon her debut in 2016’s Suicide Squad. But now, it’s still quite a mystery with regard to when exactly she could come back.

There isn’t another Suicide Squad movie on the books (not publicly, at least), and Harley Quinn is set to come back with Lady Gaga reportedly playing the role in Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker sequel. Looking even further, the entire DCEU slate is in a state of flux due to the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, meaning the DCEU’s Harley Quinn could be put on the back burner until things are more settled.

Regardless, seeing Gunn promote Robbie’s anti-hero can only be a good sign as the studio works out the path for the DCEU’s future. While Robbie may currently be on a break from playing this role, there are plenty of fans and professionals out there who hope to see her come without too long of a wait.

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