Joker 2: Lady Gaga Eyeing Harley Quinn Role In DC Sequel

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2019’s Joker was an interesting move by Warner Bros. The film disconnected itself from the canon of the DCEU to make an entirely separate story focused on how Jack Napier became the Prince Clown of Crime. The decision paid off, as that solo outing crossed the highly-coveted billion-dollar mark at the box office, and now Todd Phillips’ project is getting a sequel.

But what’s the next story that Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have to tell? Will fans see him actually turn into a more classic version of the Clown Prince of Crime?

Based on the movie’s title, Folie à Deux, the easy guess is that the world will be getting another adaptation of Harley Quinn—the Joker’s most well-known lover. As the movie moves closer to beginning production, it seems like those theories were right on the money.

Now reports have come out that confirm not only is Lady Gaga potentially negotiating for the part, but the sequel will have a surprise twist.

Pop Star Joins DC's Joker Musical

Harley Quinn, Joker

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Lady Gaga has entered early talks to star as Harley Quinn opposite Joker's star Joaquin Phoenix in the sequel to Todd Phillips' DC Comics film, which is formally titled Joker: Folie à deux.

The outlet made it clear that Warner Bros. has not yet closed a deal with Gaga as the two sides are still in deep negotiations.

On top of Lady Gaga's likely casting as Harley Quinn, Joker 2 will be a musical—a drastically different take than the 2019 film.

Lady Gaga Goes Crazy

Lady Gaga is a fantastic actress, as proven by her work in blockbusters like A Star Is Born (which was produced by Todd Phillips himself), so the singer could make for a wonderful Harley Quinn. She was also likely towards the top of Warner Bros.' list due to the strange new musical direction the film is taking.

It's safe to say that fans probably didn't expect the sequel to Joker to be a musical on their bingo card. It will undoubtedly draw plenty of ire and mixed opinions from fans, but will it work in the long run?

Given the fractured state of mind in which both Joker and Harley Quinn constantly exist, the idea of a musical isn't all that far-fetched. After all, viewers see plenty of glimpses into Quinn's craziness as she rampages in The Suicide Squad and flowers start flying out of all the bodies instead of blood.

Fans will have to wait and see if the creative vision Todd Phillips will bring to life sticks the landing.

Joker is now streaming on HBO Max, and Joker: Folie à deux is in the early stages of pre-production.

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