Lady Gaga & Joaquin Phoenix's Joker 2 Gets Official Release Date

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Joaquin Phoenix's Joker 2 Receives Official Release Date

While the future of Warner Bros. Discovery's impending DCEU slate is in question, the same can't be said for its adjacent DC projects that are known to make bank, such as the upcoming sequel to Todd Phillips' Joker. Released in 2019, the Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix was a dramatic departure from the DCEU due to its R-rating and disconnect from the studio's Batman-related projects. 

In addition to earning $1.07 billion at the box office, Joker succeeded in the awards circles as well, earning a nomination for Best Picture, Best Director, and Joaquin Phoenix the win for Best Actor. 

After months of speculation concerning a sequel, Joker: Folie a Deux was announced. But in addition to the buzz that Lady Gaga was in talks to play the Joker's longtime romantic interest, Harley Quinn, Joker 2 is also expected to be a musical. 

Now, on the heels of Warner Bros. Discovery completely scrubbing Batgirl from the roster, the studio appears to be cementing its plans for the Joker's next chapter.

Joker Sequel Starring Lady Gaga Has a Release Date

As reported by Deadline, the sequel to 2019's Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck and reportedly Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn has found its release date. 

Joker: Folie a Deux is set to premiere on October 4, 2024. 

Not only was this slot already held by Warner Bros., but the original Joker film opened on the exact same date domestically back in 2019, which led to a record $96.2 million opening. To date, Joker remains the highest-grossing R-rated ever. 

Production for Joker 2 is expected to start in December.

Warner Bros. & Joker 2 Is No Laughing Matter

Due to the critical and financial success of 2019's Joker, it's no surprise that Warner Bros. Discovery is moving forward with the sequel. 

However, the move only adds to the ever-growing confusion concerning the studio's future direction for its DC properties

If announcing that Batgirl is canceled and then confirming Joker 2's release date hours later says anything, it's that the direction is strictly financial and the studio's creativity comes from its directors and actors for hire, not in-house or from the top like Marvel Studios. 

Regardless of the current state of Warner Bros. Discovery, Joker 2's 2024 release confirms that Todd Phillips' surprising, musical take on the sequel is moving forward. And, now that the film has found its spot on the calendar, fans should be hearing more about Arthur Fleck's next chapter with Gaga's take on the ever-popular Harley Quinn in the coming months. 

Joker: Folie a Deux will release in theaters on October 4, 2024. 

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